Can you put my possum in a possum box?

02 September, 2020

Peter the Possum Man is frequently asked to install a possum box in the garden of a house where a possum has been evicted from the roof space. Suitable tree holes are scarce, so any additional nest boxes are a great help for many types of wildlife. It is impossible
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Can you remove mud wasps?

07 August, 2020

The most common types of native wasps build their nests from paper using shapes like a piece of string or an upside-down wine glass. However there are also species of native wasps that build a small “nest” from mud, usually attached to a wall or vertical surface where it is
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Do you have to clean solar panels before proofing?

09 July, 2020

When Peter the Possum Man is asked to fit “proofing” around solar panels, the work is usually done after the home owner has discovered pigeons or possums living under the panels; then we fit mesh around all sides of the solar panels. In many cases it is obvious that the
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Why do Honey bees swarm?

11 May, 2020

Each hive has one queen who supplies all the eggs that are fed by the workers in the hive. As the hive increases in numbers, when the conditions are right, the queen will produce some eggs that, with different special feed, develop into future queens. Unless the resident queen is
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Warranties for Possum Work

21 November, 2019

Peter the Possum Man provides a warranty of 12 months for possum work which simply ensures the eviction of the possum is effective. Since the possum is released nearby (as required by the wildlife Damage Mitigation Permit), it will return to check out your property on the very first night.
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How do we Remove Possums

07 November, 2019

Evicting possums from inside your property is largely based on knowledge of possum behaviour and the experience of knowing where to look for entry holes. Possums will spend many hours exploring every part of a building and will chew away at softer wood if they believe an access point can
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Choosing a Possum Removalist

24 October, 2019

Peter the Possum and Bird Man has been in Brisbane for over 30 years. Throughout that time, the company has always been based in Brisbane employing a number of servicemen who each work in their local area and have significant local knowledge. Many of the current employees have been with
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Natives, Ferals, Weeds and Pests

07 October, 2019

A feral animal is one that does not belong in an environment, usually descended from domesticated or introduced animals but now living wild. The most obvious examples are domestic cats, pigs and dogs living in the Australian bush. Other examples are water buffalo and camels. While weeds can be any
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Pigeons: Are they one of nature’s most disease ridden animals?

02 May, 2019

When you ask people to name the world’s most disease-ridden animals, people usually name flies, rats or mice. But when you have a pigeon infestation, then Woody Allen’s description of pigeons as rats with wings suddenly hits the top of mind. But, are pigeons dirty? Let’s get a few facts
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When Honey Bees Turn Feral

16 April, 2019

All bees have the potential to “attack and sting” at will, but there actually is a difference between your local honey-producing hives and “feral” bees that have left a managed hive to live “in the wild”. Indooroopilly Bees What is a feral bee? Let’s start with the definition of the
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When Paper Wasps Attack and How to Protect Yourself

01 April, 2019

There are many types of paper wasps from several different families. Some were introduced to Australia from our friends across the ditch in New Zealand, and these trans-Tasman transplants are most prevalent in southeast Queensland and Northern New South Wales. Paper wasps on bike They primarily feed on the nectar
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5 Facts about Indian Myna Birds

19 March, 2019

Indian Myna birds, with their chocolate brown feathers, yellow beak and bright eyes, are one of the most rapidly increasing feral bird populations in Brisbane. They have been declared the second greatest threat to Australian native birds after land clearing. Here are a few facts about Indian Mynah Birds. Indian
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The dangers of treating bees and wasps yourself

11 February, 2019

Some home owners are willing to do “home handyman” jobs and so may be tempted to try removing wasp nests and swarms of honey bees. However there are potential serious problems with disturbing both kinds of stinging insects. The dangers of treating bees and wasps yourself Paper wasps make nests
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What is the risk of rat treatments for dogs?

29 January, 2019

Rodent poisons are toxic to other mammals including dogs. While the toxicity of different baits does vary, all legally available baits are variations of the type of poison in Warfarin and have the same effect: they cause internal bleeding leading to death. The poison does not work instantly and the
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Does an owner have to remove possums from the roof?

14 January, 2019

Some older properties have had possums inside the roof for many years.  Peter the Possum Man does not think this is a good idea and it is surprising that when someone buys a house, the property pest inspection report very rarely makes any reference to evidence or damage due to
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Responsibility for Pests in Rented Property

12 November, 2018

In Peter Possum’s experience, the responsibility for removing a pest from a property is not clear cut and may depend on the circumstances. In broad terms the home owner must provide a property that is healthy and suitable to be maintained that way and the tenant must then keep it
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Possums eating your garden plants?

30 October, 2018

Nobody is permitted to relocate possums to a different property because they are protected native wildlife and taking them to a new location is often a “death sentence” for the possum. That is because in the new location, they do not know where to hide or find food and the
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Can you rear a baby possum?

15 October, 2018

If you find a baby possum, it may be very cold, sick or injured. The fact you could pick it up often means there is something seriously wrong which prevented the animal from hiding or running away. Without experience it is very hard to assess if the animal is injured
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Can you keep a possum as a pet?

01 October, 2018

Some people argue it is more appropriate for Australians to keep native animals rather than cats and dogs.  Wild cats and packs of dogs do cause serious damage to our native wildlife, when they escape and live in the wild. But it is important to remember that cats and dogs
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Are possums dangerous to humans?

18 September, 2018

Some people are afraid of possums because they do have claws and sharp teeth. But the possums see a human as a potential predator, another animal to be feared. They may respond with hissing, standing up on their rear legs (to increase their apparent size) and showing their teeth. These
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What can you do with possums in an open area under your home?

18 June, 2018

Possums in an open area Possums sometimes take up residence under a Queenslander house or inside an open-sided carport. These are examples of situations where possums cause problems for the homeowner but it is impossible to permanently exclude them. If there are many entry points or the area has large
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How long do rat baits last?

04 June, 2018

It depends how many rats there are in the area. The quantity laid by a professional pest controller is expected to be sufficient to remove all the rodents and also leave some bait to deal with any new arrivals for the next 6-12 months. How long do rat baits last?
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How to Get Rid of Possums

05 March, 2018

If you have a possum scampering above your head at night, give us a call. We are experts in removing possums and getting you a good night’s sleep. To help with the process, here are the answers to the most common questions we get asked about how to get rid of possums. How to
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Why stingless bees are good to have in your garden

22 January, 2018

There are many types of native bees in a garden in Queensland including Leaf cutter bees, Carpenter bees, Blue banded bees and even a larger Teddy bear bee. Most of them are solitary or live in small groups and like most bees they can sting, but aren’t usually aggressive. Native
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Stingless Bee Removal

08 January, 2018

The native stingless bees prefer to build their nest inside a hollow log or a large crevice in a tree. They need somewhere that is slightly humid, not damp and insulated from fluctuations in temperature. In urban areas their opportunities to find holes in trees are limited, so they make
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Why You Should Not Feed Possums Regularly

04 December, 2017

Feeding possums can be a great way to watch their behaviour and interact with nature, but there are some disadvantages as it can change their behaviour and encourage more possums into a small area. Possums in cage It’s best to provide food erratically, so the local possum population does not
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Bird Netting Do’s and Don’ts

20 November, 2017

Any bird netting installation must be carefully planned to ensure it will be effective and not just move the birds to other nearby ledges. Netting the underside of an awning above valuable equipment is a different scenario to placing temporary netting over a vegetable garden or fruit trees. James St.
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How to Install Bird Netting

08 November, 2017

Bird Netting Installing netting requires strong cables, usually 2 mm stainless steel, anchored to the strong parts of the structure with appropriate fittings. Then the net is attached along one side and stretched while the other sides are progressively attached to the cables, usually using clips every 100 mm or
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The Importance of Anti Bird Netting

24 October, 2017

Anti-bird netting is a commonly used term to describe the placing of nets to exclude birds and is most frequently applied to the practice of hanging a loose net over a fruit tree; this is usually done during the fruiting season to try to protect the ripe fruit from damage.
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Why you need Rat Stations if you Have Chickens

09 October, 2017

Prevention is better than the cure: domestic chickens in a garden will always attract rats and mice because the rodents will be attracted by the spilt food and it is almost impossible to avoid chickens throwing some of their feed onto the ground. Rat Bait Stations Many chicken owners don’t
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Can I Buy a Possum Cage?

28 September, 2017

The simple answer is no. It is illegal to set a trap for any native animal, including possums, unless you have a permit from the wildlife department. Possums in Cage This is because there is no guarantee what an untrained person may do with the animal. Often people want to
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The Secret to Keeping Possums off Your Roof

11 September, 2017

Being woken up early in the morning by an elephant on the roof can be very disruptive and annoying. We get many calls asking for devices to be put on powerlines to stop possums getting on to a roof. Energex does not like things put on the powerlines so this
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What Do Ringtail Possums Eat?

17 August, 2017

What do ringtail possums eat? Ringtail possums are considered folivores, which means they eat mainly leaves. The ringtail possum diet consists primarily of eucalyptus leaves. Much like koalas, the ringtail possum has a specialised stomach that allows them to digest eucalyptus leaves. Want to know more about Ringtail Possums? Click
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What Does a Possum Sound Like?

01 August, 2017

You are just drifting off to sleep when you hear a loud screeching and coughing, followed by scratching and banging coming from your roof. Unfortunately, this is a nightly occurrence for many households across urban Australia. Luckily it doesn’t mean your house is haunted, however, it is a sign that
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Why Rat Traps Don’t Work

17 July, 2017

Rats are a problem in Brisbane all year round, but after heavy rains or when the weather turns cooler, rats start looking for shelter in homes and businesses from the cold and wet. Rat The natural response for many people when they suspect rats are in their home, is to
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Wildlife in a Well Managed Brisbane Garden

03 July, 2017

A garden full of native plants is a great way to attract wildlife and especially the native birds that are  adapted to get nectar from Australian flowers. Getting the right mix of vegetation to suit your lifestyle as well as the wildlife, may require some expert advice but that does
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Do Possums Nest?

28 June, 2017

Possum Nest We’ve all seen possum boxes that people put up in trees to create a safe place for possums to sleep during the day. These boxes are designed to mimic nests, but do possums make nests in the wild? Possum Box In Brisbane, two most common possum species are
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Possum Droppings

13 June, 2017

What’s the Difference Between Rat & Possum Droppings? – It’s Harder Than You Think It’s never fun to find piles of animal poo in your yard, especially on your deck. These little piles of droppings can be a real nuisance and a health hazard. But before you leap in with
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House Geckos: Dealing with Reptile Invaders

29 May, 2017

Living in Brisbane, it’s almost impossible not to have heard the distinctive click-click-click noise made by Asian House Geckos. These geckos are an introduced pest that moved into Brisbane in 1983, and have truly settled in and thrived in our warm and humid climate. Geckoe Like any introduced pest, they
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Can You Relocate My Possum?

17 May, 2017

The most common call we get at the Possum Man is from people asking us to relocate their resident possum far, far, away. Preferably before the next nightfall when the possums put on their steel capped boots and start galloping over the roof. Relocate My Possum Relocate My Possum While
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How to Stop Possums Eating Your Plants

02 May, 2017

It can be frustrating to spend time and care growing luscious fruits and vegetables, only to find that through the night possums have helped themselves to a banquet. Possums Eating PlantsWhile you could simply put it down to the joys of nature and choose to coexist peacefully, we often are
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A cultured possum proves to be a junkie

18 April, 2017

Recently one of Peter Possums servicemen was asked to remove an young adult brushtail possum from the cultural precinct on Brisbane’s Southbank. It frequented the car park area near GOMA (Gallery of Modern Art) but it was so easily caught, there was something wrong! The possum was listness and a bit
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Feral Pigeons The Pests With a Homing Instinct

20 March, 2017

Pigeons have been described as rats with wings. When they roost, the acidic nature of their droppings can damage your home, while their feathers, eggs and nests can clog your gutters and drains, causing them to overflow in a storm. Feral Pigeons The Pests With a Homing Instinct Pigeon faeces
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Possum Problems?

16 March, 2017

Possums have adapted well to the urban environment and their numbers around Brisbane have increased over the years. When we do our removal it is now not unusual to find more than two possums in the one roof. Possums can be very clever, spending many hours checking roofs from the
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Mice Are Not Nice

06 March, 2017

After cockroaches and spiders, pest controllers in Brisbane get the most complaints about rats and mice.Mice can get into your home through the tiniest cracks or gaps around pipes and electrical wiring; they can fit under doors that aren’t sealed with a weather strip or through unsealed windows and can
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The Effects Of Bushfires On Native Wildlife

20 February, 2017

The effects of bushfires on native wildlife can be devastating. Aside from the immediate fatalities that occur, most surviving animals will have lost their homes and find sourcing food difficult for at least the three months it takes for new growth to occur. The Effects Of Bushfires On Native Wildlife
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Things You Find in Brisbane Roofs

06 February, 2017

Things You Find in Brisbane Roofs With increasing urbanisation and loss of native habitats, wildlife look for alternative locations to build their homes. Unfortunately, the space under suburban roofs can be seen as a veritable Taj Mahal for many animals. Things You Find in Brisbane Roofs So what are the
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Why do Possums & Pigeons Like Solar Panels?

13 January, 2017

Drive along Brisbane suburban streets, and you will see solar panels sprouting like mushrooms from the roofs of homes. This rise in solar panel popularity is great for the environment, but like all new additions, it doesn’t take long until wildlife (both protected and feral) discovers it as well. Why
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Why building work creates wildlife problems?

19 December, 2016

When old buildings are left in a state of disrepair, wildlife often move in, especially pigeons. Peter Possum has seen vacant houses with broken windows where flocks of pigeons have covered every surface inside the house with droppings, in some places many inches thick. Why building work creates wildlife problems?
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The Silent Foragers Bats

05 December, 2016

When you live in Brisbane you may be aware of large bat colonies that fly silently overhead at dusk. These nocturnal animals are fruit eating bats or flying foxes with the two most common to Brisbane being black flying-foxes Pteropus alecto and grey-headed flying-foxes Pteropus poliocephalus. Black flying foxes are
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How to deter noisy crows?

21 November, 2016

It’s that time of year again when the resident neighborhood crows break into football match volume squawks at all hours. Between August to October is crows breeding season, and the cacophony of crows yelling at each other is the common sound accompaniment to many homes and backyards. If you are
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Why should you vacuum your roof cavity?

08 November, 2016

Did you ever wonder how dusty is your roof? Just like every other surface in your home dust builds up in your roof. The older the house, the more dust has built up. In some old houses up to half a ton of dust has been found in their roof!
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What should you do if bees move in?

31 October, 2016

Spring has truly sprung, and the new season of bees have come along with it. While bees are essential to our environment, we don’t necessarily want a swarm taking up residence in our back garden. In Australia, there are two main types of bees, European and Native. European bees are
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Rock and Roll Rats from Your Roof!

17 October, 2016

Even though warmer weather is slowly arriving, many nights are still cold, leaving the local rat population looking for a warm and safe place to escape the chill. Unfortunately, this place is often in the roof of your house. Rock n Roll Rats from Your Roof It can be hard
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Oh no! It’s Scrub Turkey Nesting season; STILL!

19 September, 2016

This year, Brisbane recorded its warmest and one of its wettest Autumns on record, effectively extending summer by 3 months. The unseasonably warm weather did more than just make picnics at South Bank more comfortable, it had an unexpected flow-on effect to the state’s native wildlife – particularly scrub turkeys.
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Why rat baits and possums are deadly

05 September, 2016

When you hear rats in your roof, the temptation is to simply throw a few rat baits into the roof and be done with it. This is the absolute worst thing that you can do! Why rat baits and possums are deadlyWhy? Where there are rats, it is extremely likely
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Help! Possums are living in my garage!

22 August, 2016

You head down to the garage to start your car, and notice a number of pairs of bright eyes blinking at you from above the roller door in the garage. You look closer and see that a family of local possums has moved in. Your thoughts immediately turn to possum
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Why Gutter Cleaning is Important?

18 July, 2016

Gutter Cleaning for Commercial Properties? Most people understand the importance of regular gutter cleaning in Brisbane for their residential homes. Property managers also appreciate that commercial buildings, schools, strata and unit complexes, retail premises and offices, also need systematic gutter cleaning to protect the property and interior from damage. Commercial
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Getting Storm Repairs Done? Don’t Forget the Roof Tenants!

04 July, 2016

Many Brisbane homes are still getting their roofs repaired after last summer’s storms. Hail, falling trees, and heavy winds played havoc with tiles and corrugated iron roofs in a number of suburbs.  Unfortunately, while the roof was damaged, it may have let in unexpected tenants into the roof cavity. Possums
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Fleas and Parasites of Possums

14 June, 2016

Fleas and Parasites of Possums: Peter’s observations: a very low risk in Australia Over the last ten years, I have never seen parasites on possums around Brisbane. So it seems there is a lot of false information about the risk of finding fleas and other parasites on possums in Australia.
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Family Friendly Wildlife Experiences in Brisbane

01 June, 2016

Brisbane has many great places to take your kids to spot wildlife. Throughout our 25 years of being Brisbane’s expert team for possum removal and pest control, we have always loved the wildlife that doesn’t require us to remove them from unwanted habitats! Here are the top five wildlife locations
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Birds Attacking Windows

16 May, 2016

Who’s a Pretty Boy? If you have ever had a budgie or canary you know that birds love their own reflections, and will spend hours admiring themselves in the mirror. This is cute in tame birds, but can be extremely annoying when wild birds persistently peck at your glass windows
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Bird Spikes: The Effective Deterrent

02 May, 2016

We all love cute, fluffy baby birds. Except when the one bird turns into hundreds that poop everywhere, drop feathers, chirp in a raucous cacophony of sound and leave bird lice that migrate and cause miserable itching to the nearest warm-blooded beings. If your home or property has been invaded
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Are Roof Rats Native?

20 April, 2016

Are the rats in my roof native? One of the most common questions the team here at Peter the Possum Man is asked when someone has rats living in the roof in Brisbane is whether the rats are native ones. The QLD Museum says that in the greater Brisbane region,
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Are Your Solar Panels Turning into the Pigeon Hilton?

04 April, 2016

Solar panels are a great way to capture energy from the sun, but like any urban development, feral freeloaders can spoil the benefits. Feral pigeons have discovered that the spaces under solar panels are a warm, safe place in which to nest and roost. Aside from the mess of pigeon
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23 March, 2016

A home owner in Toowong called Peter Possum for a Brisbane bee removal job during February 2016, which involved the stingless native bees, Trigona. She was concerned that every afternoon for a month, she had to remove many dead bees from the balcony of her Queenslander house. Some were in
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Wasp Nest Removal: What You Need to Know

12 January, 2016

Most people in Brisbane know the intense pain of brushing against a shrub in the garden when mowing, only to be stung by a paper wasp. Or looking out a bedroom window and seeing a massive paper wasp nest under the eaves appearing seemingly overnight. Paper wasps are our most
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Options for Pest Control in Brisbane

11 January, 2016

We may be biased, but we think Brisbane is one of the top cities in the world to live. The climate is superb; we have lovely houses, and some of the best food anywhere. Unfortunately, Brisbane is also popular as a place to live for pests. Feral pigeons and other
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Why Rain and Rats are Best Mates

06 January, 2016

Rats in your home are a pest no matter the season, but their numbers can dramatically increase after floods or heavy rains, such as the ones we have had this past summer. Heavy rain and floods wash away rat burrows and hiding areas, forcing the rats to seek shelter on
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Poisoning of Dogs and other pets by Rat Baits

21 December, 2015

Nearly all the rodent baits now used by pest controllers will cause the same effects as Warfarin: a thinning of the blood, leading to internal bleeding (hemorrhaging). The anticoagulants of the poison prevent the blood from clotting if there are cuts and scratches and at high doses the small blood
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Can I Stop Rodents Getting Into My House

14 December, 2015

Why is it not possible to prevent rodents from entering the premises and why do we only recommend that fresh baits are always available? As with many animals, rats in Brisbane can get into any hole that is large enough for their head to fit through. In the case of
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Selecting Ceiling Insulation

30 November, 2015

Ceiling insulation reduces the cost of keeping your house warm in winter and cool in summer, which is becoming more important as the cost of electricity rises. There are 4 main types: Reflective insulation: thick or thin foil sheets that mainly reflect radiant heat (explained below) Bulky insulation: made from
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Asian House Geckos – Not So Cute & Cuddly

26 November, 2015

Know those cute little geckos that have been moving into Brisbane homes for some years with their distinctive “chuck, chuck, chuck” sound? They are called Asian House Geckos or barking geckos and they are becoming a real pest. This introduced species of geckos are rapidly outbreeding native geckos and are
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What to Do With Spiders Around Your Home

06 November, 2015

Most people have an inborn fear of spiders. See a spider and the first instinct of many is to grab the trusty thong or fly-spray can and kill them. However, spiders have a critical role to play in the environment and shouldn’t be a natural focus of pest control in
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Tick Time

05 November, 2015

Spring to early summer is peak Paralysis Tick season. The paralysis tick is only one of a large number of ticks that can be found in Australia, but they are the ones that cause the most problem for humans and pets alike. Ticks On Dogs The adult female paralysis tick
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Humpback Whale Season

02 November, 2015

Not all migratory animal visitors to Queensland are pests that require the attention of the specialist services from Peter the Possum Man. From June to November each year Queenslanders can witness some of nature’s largest and most spectacular animals as they visit our part of the world. Up to 10,000
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Ultrasonic Possum Deterrents

30 October, 2015

Research by Bradley Gale, at The University of Queensland in 2013 again confirms that possums cannot be excluded from buildings by using ultrasonic deterrents. The machines may initially scare the possums but they soon become accustomed to the sounds making them an ineffective form of possum removal. Peter Possum has
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What is the Cost to Remove Possums?

28 October, 2015

We get many calls each week from people asking us to provide a quote over the phone to remove possums from their roof. Possum removal in Brisbane is 90% building repairs and 10% trapping and removal of the possum from the cavity. No two houses are identical so therefore difficult
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Got things that go bump in the night

28 September, 2015

We live in a land with an abundance of unusual wildlife and most of us have to come to terms with sharing our habitat with some of them. Many of our species are unique to this continent and all native wildlife in Australia is protected under law. This means that
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Something is biting me! Is it bird lice?

22 September, 2015

Every few months we have a customer who has mysterious bites or points of intense irritation that look like bites. Usually their house has been stripped, vacuumed and cleaned several times and the property has been sprayed for “insects”. Since the “bites” have continued, we are asked to treat and
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Can you Stop Possums Eating Plants

16 September, 2015

You have a carefully tended and prized veggie garden or a lovely tree, then one night your neighbourhood possum decides to nibble on the new growth or munch on your fruit trees. To stop possums eating plants and trees there are two main options: Temporary and permanent fixes. Our experience
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Spring is in the Air

02 September, 2015

As the weather warms up we start to see a number of native animals and pests become more active around our homes. Here’s a quick run through of what to expect this spring. Problem birds such as starlings, Indian Mynas, sparrows and pigeons quite often choose to nest in roof
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Baby Scrub Turkeys – A Face That Not Even a Mum Would Love

28 August, 2015

August to December is Scrub Turkey nesting season in Brisbane. Those massive mounds of leaf litter can be home for up to 150 eggs in a nesting season, laid by several female scrub turkeys. Often, these mounds are made from whatever the brush turkeys can lay their claws on; garden
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Does Feeding Birds Create Flocks of Dole Bludgers?

24 August, 2015

Many people love to feed birds in their backyards – even though there is evidence that this can create problems for our birdlife. Some birds get an unbalanced diet from feeding and they are at risk from increased spread of disease. More aggressive birds commonly turn up for a free
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Why Brush Turkeys Build Mounds

14 August, 2015

Scrub turkeys are nature’s builders. Each breeding season they spend many hours raking together mulch, twigs and leaves to create huge mounds (up to 5 m round), to function as nests. Scrub turkey males are very determined to create the best mound – bigger is definitely better for scrub turkeys!
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Why Possums Prefer People’s Homes

06 August, 2015

Have you ever wondered why possums decide to move into your roof, when you have lovely big trees around your home? Usually, this question comes to mind around about 4am when your friendly possum family decides to practice their karate moves right above your bedroom, as they return to their
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When Was the Last Time You Cleaned Your Gutters?

31 July, 2015

All property owners need to recognise the importance of regularly cleaning the gutters and any other areas of the roof that trap leaves and rubbish. The gutters must remain clear to flow freely, effectively transferring rainwater from the roof to downpipes and storm drains. When the flow of water is
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Magpie & Plover Nesting Season

24 July, 2015

As the cold of winter is replaced by the warmth of spring, many of our native birds start to nest. While most birds quietly go about the business of laying eggs and rearing their young, there are a few birds that are a little more aggressive – especially Magpies and
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Do You Have New Bird Tenants?

17 July, 2015

Bees are not the only animals that become more active in spring. Native and feral birds also increase their activity, and often decide to take up residence inside roofs of homes as a safe place to build their nest and raise their young. Peter the Possum Man should be your
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How to Identify Owls in Brisbane

13 July, 2015

Pick any night in Brisbane and you are likely to come across some of the most beautiful owls on the planet. But not all owls are alike. In our area around Brisbane, they range in size from the massive Powerful owl through to the much smaller Southern Boobook –each with
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Why Heavy Rain Causes Rats in Brisbane

22 May, 2015

Property managers across Brisbane tell us they have been inundated with complaints from tenants about rats in their properties after the recent heavy rains. Stormwater drains and suburban sewerage systems are common homes for rats in Brisbane, but during heavy rains and floods, the water levels rapidly rise and flush
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Things To Know

04 May, 2015

Here are the answers to our most commonly asked questions about possum removal. 1. We offer free* written quotes to fix holes and remove possums from inside a building. (*If it is a very large house or commercial building there may be a service fee) 2. We do not provide quotes
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Got a Really Bad Smell in Your Roof?

27 February, 2015

Summer and flies go together in Brisbane, but if you suddenly get swarms of black flies inside your home, accompanied by a vague, horrible smell that gets worse as the day heats up, you may have something dead in your roof or walls. Homes provide shelter to more than just
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Pesky Indian Mynas in Brisbane

12 February, 2015

You may have noticed more and more Indian Mynas moving into Brisbane. Indian Mynas are the cane toads of the bird world. They were introduced into Australia to eat pests in crops (which they totally ignored) and ended up aggressively forcing out native birds from every area they moved into. 
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FAQ – Can You Clean Gutters on Unit Blocks & Commercial Buildings?

07 November, 2014

Gutter cleaning is a vital component of every building maintenance schedule. Removing leaves, twigs and other debris needs to be done before every storm season to allow rain optimal chance to flow freely to the stormwater drains, rather than back up into the roof. The Possum Man team provides gutter
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Bandicoots and Lawn Grubs

28 October, 2014

The native bandicoot is a natural Lawn Grub controller. If you live near bush land, chances are that one day you will discover your lawn and lovely gardens covered in finger deep conical holes. These are the telltale signs that you have had some bandicoots visiting during the night. Bandicoots
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Lock up your chickens! The Brush Turkeys Are In Town

13 October, 2014

In spring, the thoughts of all male scrub turkeys turn to wooing a female brush turkey. They don their best shade of black plumage, the wobbly yellow skin around their necks turns an even brighter shade of yellow, their little bald heads turn a brilliant rosy red and they start
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Why Are Pigeons A Problem Around Buildings?

30 September, 2014

Feral pigeons and urban buildings are a deadly mix. The problem is exacerbated as pigeons are social birds that tend to congregate in large numbers, which means large volumes of excrement (dropping). Pigeon removal  is important as their droppings contains high levels of uric acid, phosphate, nitrates and other compounds
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How To Stop Undercover Areas Becoming A Bird Haven With Bird Netting

28 August, 2014

If you have a large undercover seating area, hall, parking garage, factory, loading dock, warehouse, shed or other open or semi-open area, and you also have a feral pigeon or feral bird problem, there are cost-effective solutions available that don’t require you to build-in walls to stop access. Professionally installed
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Got Rats? How We Can Fix Your Rat Problem

15 August, 2014

Scratching, thumps and scampering sounds across your ceiling during the dead of night. Black animal droppings scattered throughout your kitchen and pantry. The sound of wood and electrical cables being gnawed in your walls. You have rats! Rats are destructive, disease carrying vermin that rapidly breed and take over a
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Paper Wasp Control FAQs

28 March, 2014

Paper wasps in the garden are one of nature’s most useful pest controllers. They have a huge appetite for insects such as spiders and caterpillars, which means they have a strong role to play in balancing local insect populations and helping to control pests in your veggie garden. There are
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What to do before installing insulation

14 March, 2014

Insulation and Brisbane summers go together like lawns and lawnmowers. Roof insulation provides a buffer against our summer heat, as well as helping to keep energy costs down. Batts, insulation boards, insulation blankets and blow-in forms of insulation all work to resist heat and keep your home cool in summer and
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Help! A Brush Turkey Is Destroying My Garden!

04 March, 2014

You are sitting on your back deck with a cool drink in hand and admiring your garden, when you notice that the mulch around your garden beds looks noticeably thin. As you look closer, you notice that almost all of your mulch has disappeared from your entire garden, along with
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Pigeon Control for Solar Panels?

18 February, 2014

Drive along Brisbane suburban streets, and you will see solar panels sprouting like mushrooms from the roofs of homes. This rise in solar panel popularity is great for the environment, but like all new additions, it doesn’t take long until wildlife (both protected and feral) discovers it as well. If
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What to do About a Pesky Possum on Your Balcony?

05 February, 2014

Both Brushtail and Ringtail possums are opportunistic home owners. They look for cosy, safe and warm places to live and raise their young. This is great if their choice is a tree, but not so great if the place they choose is your balcony. So what can you do if
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How to Reduce Rats Around Your Home

07 January, 2014

Along with cockroaches, the most hated pest in Brisbane homes has to be rats. Effective rat control  is very important as they increase rapidly during the summer breeding season. By the time you have spotted one rat, often what really has happened is that you have a severe rat infestation.
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Why Bees Nest in Houses?

17 September, 2013

If you hear humming from the walls of your home, it is possible that your home has become a haven to a bee hive and you need to get a  bee removal specialist as soon as possible. There are two main types of bees that move into homes in Brisbane –
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Possum Removal Takes More Than Simply Setting Cages

06 June, 2013

Possum removal is not as simple as setting a cage trapping the possum and relocating it to a nearby tree. The hardest part is finding where the possums are getting in, and blocking the access so they don’t get back in again. Unless the gap is fixed, all you are doing
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How to Attract Birds to Your Garden

15 February, 2013

One of life’s joys is hearing native birdsong and watching birds happily exploring your garden, but if you are currently devoid of birds other than the odd Wood Pigeon or Magpie perching on your Hills Hoist, there are steps you can take to soon have your garden filled with Brisbane birds.
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How Often Should I Get Gutter Cleaning done?

18 January, 2013

Gutters are the workhorses of homes. When running clear, they quickly take away water to the storm water system. But how often should you do gutter cleaning? To work out how often your gutters need attention, you first need to know what washes into them in your house. The most
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