Birds Attacking Windows


Who’s a Pretty Boy?

If you have ever had a budgie or canary you know that birds love their own reflections, and will spend hours admiring themselves in the mirror. This is cute in tame birds, but can be extremely annoying when wild birds persistently peck at your glass windows or car mirrors. So why do they do it?

Bird Attacking Windows Pewee
Bird Attacking Windows Pewee

In mating season, they can see their reflection as a potential rival and will try and “see off” the competition.

It can also be because they can see a reflection of your garden and attempt to fly through it. Some may even be looking for small spiders or other insects on the window frame.

If you are being pestered by constant tapping, there are a number of things you can try.

Bird spikes and bird netting usually are effective in this case. The main objective is to break up the reflection, so it may help to keep the curtains closed in daytime. Also, put something on the glass outside to stop the reflection like old newspapers, anti-glare film, or apply spray-on fake Christmas snow, soap, or white watercolour paint. Some produce stores sell bird scare tape, which is made from shiny foil. We have a list of FAQ questions regarding birds that you can browse through.

Make sure you also move any feeding stations or bird baths further away, and clear any perches near the window. Some people suggest giving them their own mirror in the backyard or in a nearby tree. Make sure you move your car mirrors so they are facing inwards, or pop a sock over them to protect them.

If you are experiencing an annoying bird problem in the Brisbane area, you need the services of Peter the Possum Man. Our experienced pest control team can assist in removing the birds from your home, either using bird spikes, or other effective measures. Contact us to discuss your problem today.