Are Your Solar Panels Turning into the Pigeon Hilton?


Solar panels are a great way to capture energy from the sun, but like any urban development, feral freeloaders can spoil the benefits.

Feral pigeons have discovered that the spaces under solar panels are a warm, safe place in which to nest and roost. Aside from the mess of pigeon poop reducing the effectiveness of your panels, the roosting materials and droppings accumulate under your panels. These materials can corrode the metals in your panels and your roof, as well as filling your gutters, creating a risk of damage in one of our many summer storms.

In addition, roosting materials attract cockroaches and beetles, as well as being a haven for bird lice. All of these bugs can make their way inside your home and make your life miserable.

We can proof your solar panels to get rid of pigeons using high quality stainless steel mesh that allows for free flow of rainwater and good ventilation.  Excluding the pigeons is a cost-effective way to maximise the useful life of your solar panels and minimise the damage that feral pigeons can create. If you have solar panels, contact us to book in your pigeon removal today.

Solar pigeons