Privacy Policy

We adhere to the Australian Privacy Principles (APP).

APP1 Peter the Possum and Bird Man is committed to protecting the privacy of web site users and all customers. We understand the concerns about privacy, and the confidentiality of any information that is provided. We collect and store names, addresses, contact phone details and descriptions of the property for which we are requested to quote work. Data is stored in one database on our own PC (not the Cloud) with password only access.

APP2 No attempt is or will be made by us to identify you or to use or disclose your personal information except where essential to complete the work as requested.

APP3 We will collect and handle your personal information in accordance with the Privacy Amendment Act 2012. We do not store credit card information after its use for payment.

APP4 We will only collect and store information provided by the customers or their agents (usually a Real estate company or Body Corp)

APP5 Our Internet Service Provider may monitor email traffic for system trouble shooting and maintenance purposes only.

APP6 We will not use your personal information to compile a mailing list but we will contact previous customers when a repeat of a service is recommended. We also update property agents (Real Estates and similar organisations) on our prices and services and provide a simple method to opt out of those updates.

Cookies are small pieces of code stored on your computer that help us improve your user-experience when using our Site and can personalise the content you view on the Site. Cookies cannot damages files, does not give access to your computer or any information stored on your computer. Cookies can be accepted or declined at your preference.

Remarketing: this is a method we may use to display relevant adverts based on what has been viewed. If you do not wish to participate in our Remarketing, you have the option to opt out by visiting Google’s Ads Preferences Manager.

We will only disclose information to third parties when it is reasonably necessary to complete a requested service.

APP7 We have a long history of handling personal information confidentially. We treat very seriously the ongoing trust you have in us to protect your personal information and only collect data that is necessary to quote and complete the work for you as requested. All employees and subcontractors are required to sign a confidentiality agreement recognising the importance of security of personal information and restricting its use to the work requested by the client.

APP8 Personal information is never sent overseas or provided to any data processing entity, locally or overseas.

APP9 The circumstances where we may use or disclose personal information without your consent are very limited. They include where we are required by law, for the investigation of an offence or for court proceedings. No government related identifiers are collected used or recorded in our database.

APP10 We have systems to note any special requests regarding restrictions on the use of any contact information provided. We will record carefully and inform the service staff, about specific requests regarding times and methods of making contact with the occupants of properties. We will take all reasonable steps to ensure the data is accurate.

APP11 We will restrict access to our database using passwords to limit access to those who need it to complete the requested quotes and work and answer client’s questions.

APP12 Clients may request a copy of the information held about them, providing the request complies with any legal requirements or restrictions. Please contact the Manager.

APP13 Any errors in information held will be corrected immediately, on request. Please contact us if you have any specific concerns.

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