Warranties for Possum Work


Peter the Possum Man provides a warranty of 12 months for possum work which simply ensures the eviction of the possum is effective. Since the possum is released nearby (as required by the wildlife Damage Mitigation Permit), it will return to check out your property on the very first night. So the customer will find out very quickly if there is any problem with the possum proofing.

We know the animal will try very hard to get back inside, so if we have missed any entry points the possum will be inside the property within a few days. This means that possum removal companies that offer longer “warranties”, (sometimes for several years) will not actually provide any effective extra service.

After the possum proofing is completed, buildings might be modified and may even deteriorate over time and those unknown future changes cannot be “warranted”. So we believe providing a warranty for a longer time period is rather deceptive.

If a possum gets back into the property after a year, it is almost certain that something has changed. Usually building work and minor alterations by another tradie which of course is not covered by their extended warranty.

We believe your confidence in our work can be based on our genuine warty, reputation, experienced staff and our clear commitment to resolve any concerns promptly. That is the basis on which we retain mainly repeat customers especially amongst the staff of the property management industry.

We will always move quickly to try to resolve any dissatisfaction. The metal mesh and sheet metal that we use will last for many years. We believe it is the quality and our strong commitment to honoring  our warranty that matters far more than a potentially misleading longer time period.