Do You Have New Bird Tenants?


Bees are not the only animals that become more active in spring. Native and feral birds also increase their activity, and often decide to take up residence inside roofs of homes as a safe place to build their nest and raise their young. Peter the Possum Man should be your first port of call if you are having this problem, as we offer a range of solutions from bird spikes to bird netting in Brisbane. The most common birds that live in Brisbane roofs are:


Feral pigeons are descended from pet pigeons that have been released into the wild. Pigeons can be many colours but are usually grey, with a small head and short neck.

Indian Mynas

Indian Mynas are brown with a darker coloured head, yellow eye and beak. They are introduced (feral) birds; loud, aggressive and will kill native species in the area.


Sparrows are small birds; with female sparrows being dull brown and male sparrows having darker brown banding on his wings and head. Sparrows prefer to nest in colonies with large untidy nests of grass, straw and feathers. They are not so common in Brisbane compared to 10 to 20 years ago.


Common starlings are nature’s songbirds and can replicate mechanical sounds and the songs of other birds. They have dark brown/black shiny feathers; are noisy, and prefer to roost in large colonies. If you hear the sound of wings, and constant chirruping in your roof, smell droppings or find yourself constantly scratching from invisible mites, you may find you have become the landlord for a family of birds. If you suspect birds are in your roof give us a call and we will investigate and organize bird removal for you.