Pigeon Control for Solar Panels?

Pigeons roosting under solar pannels

We can do install proofing for pigeon control under solar pannels

Drive along Brisbane suburban streets, and you will see solar panels sprouting like mushrooms from the roofs of homes. This rise in solar panel popularity is great for the environment, but like all new additions, it doesn’t take long until wildlife (both protected and feral) discovers it as well. If you find yourself with this problem we can assit with pigeon control.

In the past few years, we have had an increase in calls from people who have found that possums and feral pigeons have taken up residence under their solar panels. After all – the panels create a lovely warm and cosy environment, and underneath the panels the wildlife is protected from predators and the elements. It may suit the wildlife – but you the homeowner has to deal with the mess, noise and other problems the wildlife brings.

Pigeons are a feral bird and they can carry many diseases, their droppings are very corrosive and if not removed the damage done to your home will build up over time. They are also a homing species so if the birds breed on your home they will always return to the property and breed even more.

While many solar panels are mounted close to the roof, often installers leave wide gaps under and around the panels. This leaves a perfect shelter for pigeons to roost and nest in.

We can clean the roof and remove any pigeon nests from under the panels. Then we can install a high quality stainless steel mesh around the panels to prevent the pigeons gaining access again.

The damage pigeon droppings do

The damage pigeon droppings do

If you are concerned about current or potential future pest residents, give us a call for information about how to get rid of pigeons. We have developed safe and effective ways of pest proofing these areas that won’t void your solar panel warranty and still allows for their full operation.