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Do you know how to get rid of rats from you house? Rodents can be some of the most destructive pests we deal with in Brisbane. Rats happily chew through electrical wires, plastic water pipes and hoses, as well as put holes through walls. They are potential carriers of diseases that can cause major health problems for humans, as well as carrying ticks and fleas that can affect domestic animals. It is because of this that getting rid of rats by professionals is essential.

Get Rid of Rats from Trees

Get Rid of Rats from Trees

Effective Rat Control for Your Home

No matter the season, rats Brisbane are a pest in the home, but their numbers inside houses can dramatically increase after floods or heavy rains and at the start of colder weather. As soon as you see signs of a rat infestation either through droppings or through noises in your home, you need to get rodent control and have your home treated to stop the breeding cycle. Rats can breed prolifically with an average litter size of 5-8 young which can breed at only 3-4 months old. Female rats have up to three litters each year, so numbers can explode if food is available.

Peter the Possum Man has been getting rid of rats Brisbane and has been providing expert rodent pest control for over 25 years. Rats and possums will often share the roof space in your home and make similar scratching and chewing noises. As a result we find many clients mistake the noises for rats, when you really have possums and visa versa.

Should I lay baits for rodent pest control? It is important you do not assume noises are rats and place poison baits in the roof as Possums will eat rat bait. Before laying any poison you need to call the experts to accurately identify what animals are in your home.

How Do I Get Rid Of Rats From My Home?

Rodent pest control and rat treatment products are toxic. There is a risk of carelessly laid baits being eaten by children, wildlife or pets. Since the poison in rat baits may be absorbed by handling them, they must always be handled correctly and stored in a secure place.

Here’s how you get rid of rats:

If youve decided to do rodent pest control by yourself you need to be cautious especially if you have possums in your roof. Possums find rat baits irresistible. They chow down on the baits, die a slow and agonizing death, and before you know it there is a decomposing, stinking possum in your roof full of flies and maggots. Removal of a dead possum means needing to have tiles lifted or holes cut in walls if the animal has died in an inaccessible place, and can create other expensive clean-up costs.

So if you have pesky rats in your home, the safest option for rodent control is to call the experienced people from Peter the Possum Man to evict the rodents. We can safely lay rat baits as well as give practical advice for long-term preventive solutions for rat control. We can also install external bait stations that are kind to native animals and are safe for children and pets.

External stations are highly recommended to get rid of rats in areas where there are high attractants for rodents like chickens, guinea pigs or caged birds onsite. Other places that can benefit are homes with lots of palm trees, macadamia trees, rock retaining walls or if you are near to creeks or waterways. The rat stations treat the issue outside the property before the rats get inside your home and business and should be monitored regularly to maintain rat control.

Why Should I Hire Peter the Possum and Bird Man For Rat Control?

We have licensed pest controllers for rat controltrained to choose the right bait for the situation and handle baits safely. We also check for possums or other creatures nesting in roofs which could be affected by the bait and place the baits for the best effect. While it is not practical to totally exclude rodents from a building we can close off main access points and give advice about food and water sources removal to ensure the chance of re-infestation is reduced.

And in rental properties, doing rodent pest control and treating an infestation of rats is not as simple as throwing a few baits in the roof. While occupants are permitted to lay baits in their own properties, a handyman is not licensed to lay baits. Only licensed pest controllers are permitted to place rodent baits on another person’s property and they are required to follow safety instructions and health regulations.

To learn more about rat treatments and rodent control in Brisbane, check out our Rats FAQs.

We also provide a detailed Rodent Pest Control Advice sheet with every rodent treatment we do which includes suggestions on how to minimise future problems.

Why Choose Peter the Possum Man For Getting Rid of Rats Control?

  1. Obligation free* quotes.
  2. Licensed experts for rat control with access to commercial grade baits that are true dehydratants which means rats usually leave the house cavity to search for water.
  3. Experienced rodent pest control servicemen based around Brisbane. This includes Ipswich and Redcliffe. So this means wherever you are in Brisbane, we can eliminate your rats.
  4. Experience in rodent control for domestic and commercial premises including commercial kitchens and restaurants.
  5. Expert advice on how to minimise reinfestation of rats.
  6. Quotes provided to spot proof the main entry points for rats in your property.
  7. We provide a 3 month warranty on eradication of rats. If the rodents come back we will fix the problem for you for free!
  8. We can also provide other services including roof vacuuming to do rat droppings removal and debris that rats have left behind.

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