Insulation Removal

Quality Roof Insulation Removal

There are many reasons why you may want to remove insulation from your roof. You may have roof insulation that over the years has collected considerable dust and debris and needs to be removed or you may have insulation that is no longer effective.

The powerful roof vacuums we use mean that unlike some removal services, we never use scrapers or shovels that can damage, ceiling, light fittings and electrical cables. So you can trust that the job will be done right the first time.

Insulation Vacuum by Licensed and Experienced Servicemen

Our servicemen have many years of experience in removal of the varied types of house insulation from many different styles of homes throughout Brisbane including problematic cellulose insulation. We pride ourselves on being competitive also offering a quality, trustworthy and reliable insulation removal service. The equipment design is based on many years experience.

We can remove insulation and then once your ceiling vacuum is complete and the roof cavity is all clean, you are ready to install new insulation. Ask us how we can assist with insulation removal and then install new insulation. Our serviceman can provide a no obligation free quote for new roof insulation. We always recommend insulation batts and can install high quality polyester batts.

Removal Including Batts, Cellulose Insulation & Polyballs

We can remove all kinds of house insulation from a roof cavity, so whether you have insulation batts, cellulose fibre or polyball style insulation, we are able to help with removal.

To remove cellulose insulation and polyballs our servicemen use an industrial ceiling vacuum that has a very fine HEPA filter to remove all the particles from your roof which also in the process removes fine dust and any bird nests and builders rubbish. The surface is then free of all loose material and dust, preparing it for new insulation to be installed after the removal is complete.

Our insulation removal servicemen are fully trained to work on roofs and remove roof sheeting and tiles, this enables us to lift the roof to get access into the ceiling space to ensure no dust or insulation is brought into the house during the removal process. If the tiles are very old we are able to go through the manhole instead, but to remove the insulation through the roof is preferred to keep your home clean.

Once the insulation removal is complete our serviceman also removes all the rubbish and bagged old insulation from your property.

Call us if you are thinking of having a ceiling vacuum done in your Brisbane home and need roof insulation removal as well. We offer competitive removal quotes and great service!

Why choose Peter the Possum and Bird Man for your Insulation Removal?

  1. We offer obligation free*, competitive quotes to remove roof insulation in Brisbane.
  2. We have a range of specialized equipment, so will have the correct system to remove your insulation batts or cellulose insulation safely.
  3. We service all Brisbane and the surrounding areas, including Ipswich & Redcliffe which means, no matter where you are in Brisbane we can effectively remove your existing roof insulation for you.
  4. We are experienced in removal of insulation for domestic houses, schools, churches and commercial premises.
  5. We can also provide you a quotation to install new insulation to your newly clean roof after removal of the insulation.
  6. Our servicemen can also do regular gutter cleaning to remove leaves from your valleys and gutters.

Contact Us for a free* quote to remove insulation from your home or business, fill out our form or call our office between 8.30am and 3.45pm, Monday to Friday.

Insulation Removal Brisbane

Old Insulation Batts In Roof Cavity

Insulation Removal Brisbane

Vacuuming Old Celulose Fibre


What types of house insulation do you remove?

We are able to remove all types of insulation from your ceiling including fiberglass, rock wool or foil batts, formaldehyde honeycomb batts and the polly ball or cellulose insulation including Cool N Cosy.

How do you remove cellulose insulation including Cool n Cosy and Rockwool insulation?

Cellulose insulation is removed by a specially designed vacuum that removes the insulation and the fine dust from the cavity, leaving the area clean and ready for new insulation. The old insulation is directed into storage drums which are then taken away for disposal.

How do the servicemen get into the roof cavity?

The experienced servicemen will usually lift a few tiles or a roof sheet to access the cavity. The vacuum has a long hose which is taken into the roof while the vacuum itself stays outside on a trailer. The cavity can be accessed by the manhole if you prefer but we generally go through the roof to avoid any dust entering the house through an open manhole or damage due to the hose rubbing on the walls. On completion the servicemen are experienced in securing the roof.