Things To Know


Here are the answers to our most commonly asked questions about possum removal.

1. We offer free* written quotes to fix holes and remove possums from inside a building. (*If it is a very large house or commercial building there may be a service fee)
2. We do not provide quotes over the phone. As each property is unique, we need to inspect the property to see exactly what building repairs are required and provide an accurate quote.
3. We not only remove the possum and release it nearby, we fix the holes the possum uses to get into the roof.
4. When we repair the access holes, we offer a 12 month warranty on the work completed, so you have a long term solution, and they can’t get back in again.
5. If significant repairs are required, we will recommend a builder or other trades to complete the work. However, most often we can complete the work in full, doing both the removal and the building repairs.
6. It may take a few nights when trapping possums or using a one way door device to ensure they are all removed.
7. Our local servicemen remove possums from properties right across Brisbane including Ipswich, Logan and Redcliffe areas.
8. We are experienced in working with property managers, owners and tenants to get appropriate consent to access the property to provide a quote and undertake repairs.
9. We are fully licenced possum removal experts and comply with all legislative requirements and best-practice humane catching of possums with possum traps. We do not kill or harm possums during their removal.
10. We have been removing pesky possums from Brisbane properties for over 30 years.

If you have a pesky possum in your home or business, call Peter the Possum Man today to organise a free* possum proofing quote!

Two possums living in a house before we did possum removal
Two possums living in a house before we did possum removal