Why Rat Traps Don’t Work


Rats are a problem in Brisbane all year round, but after heavy rains or when the weather turns cooler, rats start looking for shelter in homes and businesses from the cold and wet.


The natural response for many people when they suspect rats are in their home, is to duck out to their nearest hardware store and pick up a few rat traps. They set them up and then wonder why their rat population is not reducing.

There are many reasons why your rat traps don’t work. Rats are incredibly clever creatures and can often work out ways to remove the bait without triggering the snap. Other rats have worked out that traps mean danger, so they simply avoid them and go on their merry way raiding your pantry.

Of course, you may also be placing the traps in the wrong places, or baiting them with the wrong food.

The most likely problem is that rats can breed faster than you can trap them. Traps can only catch one rat at a time, leaving the remaining rats to breed at will.

If you have a rat infestation, a better option is baiting as it is scalable and offers a preventative measure against new rats arriving.

DIY baiting is not recommended. Old fashioned baits sold in most hardware and supermarket stores are often no longer effective against rodent populations.

The safest method of rat control is to get a professional to use the latest quality baits. Our team of experts can choose and place baits that are the most suited to your home while ensuring that they are properly installed so as not to hurt native wildlife or your pets.