Possum Boxes

Install a Possum Box for your Brushtail Possum

Peter the Possum Man can supply or install a new home for your Brushtail possum. If the possum can still access your roof it won’t move into a possum box, but when we evict them from your home it is nice to give them an alternative to move into.

In Brisbane we have two main possum species that people see in the suburbs, large Brushtail possums and smaller Ringtail possums. Brushtail possums like to live in tree hollows and adapt well to living in our roofs. Ringtail possums on the other hand occasionally move into a roof but usually live in a nest they make themselves high up in a tree. The nest, called a “drey” is made of twiggs, and looks like a crows nest; they do however also like living under overhangs ontop of roofs, in plant pots on balconies and even under cushions on chairs.

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Quality Brushtail Possum Boxes in Brisbane

The possum boxes we have are designed especially for the larger brushtail possums who are more likely to use the box.

We now have two types of Brushtail possum boxes, our original basic pine ply box, and a deluxe birch ply box. The deluxe boxes are made by Hollow Log Homes. Please see the photos below of the two options.

We offer to deliver and install a possum box if you have a suitable tree in your garden. If you are handy you are welcome to purchase one from our head office in Newmarket and place it into a tree yourself.

Possum houses should be installed in a sturdy tree at least 3-4 metres off the ground and ideally facing South East to avoid the hot western sun. There are even many websites online that show you how to make your own possum box. The possum houses we sell are a basic functional affordable design.

Make Your Own Ringtail Possum House

If you would like a home for a pesky Ringtail possum who is using your balcony as its home we would recommend making your own out of two hanging baskets instead. Turn one upside down and tie them together to make a football sized sphere. The inside is lined with coconut fibre and a small hole needs to be made on opposite sides in the matting.

Other Wildlife Boxes

If you would like a more aesthetically designed possum box we recommend Hollow Log Homes or Australian Nest Box Company. These companies have a huge range of wildlife boxes and can even offer nest box monitoring using small cameras.

Contact us today if you would like to arrange a new possum box house for your brushtail possum, and if you have possums in your roof we can provide a quote to remove them and repair the entry holes for a long term solution.

How to Install a Brushtail Possum Box

Put the box in a tree ideally facing any direction other than North or West. Put it up at a minimum of two metres, three to four metres is better. Use fencing wire threaded through garden hose,to protect the tree. It is best to rub some fruit on the outside of the box and also place fruit inside the box to encourage the possum into its new home. If the possum has not found the box after one month, you may want to try a different location. Possums can be as fussy about their choice of homes as we are!

There is good advice available for a design if you wish to build your own possum box at;
Guide to Making a Possum House

Many possums are dependent on tree hollows as a place to sleep in during the daylight hours. Competition from other animals along with the clearing of many old trees means that possums may find the roof or walls of your home as the perfect sleeping place. By providing a nest box, your backyard can become a better home for possums.

Possum Boxes

Possum Boxes

Purchase and Installation with Us

The costings for our boxes are as follows:

Basic pine ply :It would cost $198 to supply, deliver and install in the Brisbane area. Or pick up from our head office in Newmarket for $55 inc gst. The rough size is 600mm high x 330mm deep x 260mm wide.

Deluxe birch ply: It would cost $327 to supply, deliver and install in the Brisbane area. Or pick up from our head office in Newmarket for $129 inc gst. The rough size is 440mm high x 300 deep x 230mm wide.

Call us on 3250 1133 if you want to come in to confirm we have one in stock; the office is open 8.30am to 3.45pm Monday to Friday for possum box pick ups.

The boxes are specially designed for Brushtail possums to be installed in trees.

They need to be placed 3-4m’s up from the ground, facing any direction other than West and put some ripe fruit inside the box to attract the possum.

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Our basic pine ply possum box

Our deluxe birch ply possum box, made by Hollow Log Homes