Does Feeding Birds Create Flocks of Dole Bludgers?


Many people love to feed birds in their backyards – even though there is evidence that this can create problems for our birdlife. Some birds get an unbalanced diet from feeding and they are at risk from increased spread of disease. More aggressive birds commonly turn up for a free meal and they are the least likely to need a hand by humans to survive. Some homeowners resort to employing Peter the Possum Man to assist in bird removal in Brisbane through bird netting and bird spikes.

Feed Birds Station
Feeds Bird Station

If you are still passionate about feeding your birds, here are some tips to do so in the safest way:

  • Only use high quality food that is nutritionally balanced to the species that eats it.
  • Don’t feed any human foods such as bread, sausages, cheese or processed food.
  • Store the bird feed in an airtight, water and pest proof container to reduce the risk of
    contaminants poisoning your birds.
  • Use stainless steel feeding dishes and clean them regularly with soap and hot water.
  • Feed on intermittent days – don’t feed daily.

By varying the days you feed your birds you reduce the risk of predatory birds and cats
lying in wait, as well as reducing the birds reliance on your food.

  • Keep feeding bowls off the ground out of reach of cats and other predators.
  • Plant bird friendly trees and shrubs in your garden to provide natural food (visit for ideas)

Peter the Possum Man offers bird removal services in Brisbane that can help in effectively stemming the tide of hungry birds that may be congregating at your residence. Our bird removal services include bird netting and bird spikes that will not harm the birds, but will discourage them making your home, their home.