Bird Spikes: The Effective Deterrent


We all love cute, fluffy baby birds. Except when the one bird turns into hundreds that poop everywhere, drop feathers, chirp in a raucous cacophony of sound and leave bird lice that migrate and cause miserable itching to the nearest warm-blooded beings.

If your home or property has been invaded by flocks of Pigeons, Indian Mynas, Starlings, Sparrows or Ibis, you need to evict these trespassers as soon as possible, and discourage them from returning.

Bird Spikes
Bird Spikes

What are bird spikes?

Bird spikes are a great alternative. Bird spikes are thin strips of polycarbonate, with a number of spiky polycarbonate or stainless steel spikes spaced out along the strips.

Despite their scary sounding name, bird spikes do not impale birds, but merely deter them from perching. They don’t harm the birds but simply make it uncomfortable for them to perch, roost or nest.

Other benefits of bird spikes

Some of the other benefits of bird spikes are that they also act as a deterrent for human vandals, feral cats and possums, so not only are you reducing your pest bird problem, you are increasing the overall safety of your property.

Installing bird spikes

Bird spikes are designed to be installed along roof ridges, signs, ledges, beams, gutters and fences. They need to be installed across all possible roosting places for best results.

There are different types and sizes of bird spikes depending on the surface they will be applied to. If you are considering installing bird spikes, it pays to get advice on the right type of spike for your property and bird problem. Our pest controllers are experts in bird spike installation and bird removal in Brisbane, and can help you with the right solution for your needs. Contact us to discuss your bird spike needs today.

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