Possum Droppings


What’s the Difference Between Rat & Possum Droppings? – It’s Harder Than You Think

It’s never fun to find piles of animal poo in your yard, especially on your deck. These little piles of droppings can be a real nuisance and a health hazard. But before you leap in with the hose to remove the pile, take a moment to try to work out the animal that left it, as your response needs to match the animal.

Possum Droppings
Possum Droppings

Rat droppings (also called pellets) look remarkably like the pellets of a small possum. Telling the difference between the two is challenging and even experts in pest control have trouble at times.

One of the defining features between the two is the shape of the pellets. While similar in size, rat pellets tend to be more pointed at the ends whereas possum’s pellets are rounded. A rat infestation on your Brisbane property presents greater health risks to you and your family. Rats are prolific breeders, meaning a problem not nipped in the bud can quickly become overwhelming. They spread a vast range of serious diseases via droppings and urine as well as causing severe damage through chewing.

If you suspect the droppings you have discovered may belong to rats it is important to have a local Queensland professional assess the situation. Our licensed technicians will quickly determine the source of the droppings and be able to implement a removal plan that will ensure your home is rat free. Remember the golden rule: If in doubt, call us out!

Possum Poo

Possum waste is often found in small piles in areas where they have been feeding such as under trees or on decks, whereas rat waste can be anywhere.

If you are unsure which animal left the poo on your deck, and are worried that you may have either species making a home in your house, call our friendly Possum Man team, and we will do an inspection for you. Our technicians cover all greater Brisbane suburbs and can arrange after-hours service.

Pile of Possum Poo

Having possum poo in your yard isn’t necessarily dangerous, but there is a risk of gastrointestinal issues if it’s ingested, or your hands aren’t cleaned properly after handling.

The best way to prevent the risk of these illnesses is to remove the poo, disinfect the area where the droppings were and wash your hands thoroughly after cleaning up.

To discourage possums from hanging out in your yard and making a mess around your property, clean up things that bring them to the yard. This includes securing food sources like compost bins and covering up water sources like dog’s bowls.

Adding sensor lights to your home is not only a good security measure, but they act as a possum deterrent. Adjust the sensitivity so that a possum running past it will trigger the light and make sure that it’s pointed at their favourite sitting spots rather than towards the ground.

Possum Hiding

Finally, make sure that there are no hidden entrances to your roof as possums may use it as shelter, which keeps them coming back to your home.

If you do find a possum in residence on your Queensland property and not sure what to do next, submit a form now for assistance.

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