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Effective Mouse Control in Brisbane

Mice are a common pesky pest in Brisbane. They can get into homes through the tiniest cracks or gaps around pipes, electrical wiring, through unsealed doors or windows or through open air vents in the side of a home.

Mouse Removal
Lid Chewed By Mouse

When mice take up residence in your home, they commonly head for the kitchen area in order to gain access to a steady supply of food. Mice can have young at any time of the year and the females can give birth every 4-5 weeks, so there numbers can explode if their is food available.

Mice Control by Licensed Servicemen

Mice are known for spreading diseases through contaminating food, the parasites that they carry on their fur and through the faeces they leave behind. Mice are also destructive to things such as cartons of food, other pantry items, dishwasher cables , water hoses, and electrical cables.

Often the first sign that you have a mouse problem is your dishwasher leaking water, or you find the odd small brown mouse droppings in the back of a cupboard. Dead mice can leave a lasting aroma behind your cupboards or walls.

Mice can be very smart and although you may catch one or two with a trap it often won’t get rid of the problem. As they are social creatures that breed really fast, usually when you see one mouse there are actually many more nearby.

Pest Control Mice with Genuine Warranties

If you suspect you have mice in your home, contact the Possum Man who can work with you to determine the most effective way for mouse removal.

We can inspect your property and identify any problem entry points and also if there is anything around the home that may be attracting them that could be removed.

Our experienced servicemen can then safely lay baits to get rid of the mice and advise on long term solutions and control methods.

I have lived in Brisbane for 5 years and this is by far the best service I have received from any company we have dealt with. While I’m not happy about having rats in our home, I am happy that we were taken care of by such a professional company.

G.Schaefer – Bellbird Park

Why Choose Peter the Possum Man For Mouse Removal?

  1. Obligation free* quotes for getting rid of mice.
  2. Licensed Pest Controllers with access to commercial grade baits
  3. Experienced mouse pest controllers based around Brisbane, including Ipswich & Redcliffe which means no matter where you are in Brisbane, we can remove your mice.
  4. Experienced in domestic and commercial premises including commercial kitchens and restaurants.
  5. Expert advice on how to minimise mice reinfestation.
  6. 3 month warranty on all mice removal. If they come back, we come back and fix it for free!
  7. We can also provide roof vacuuming to remove mice droppings & debris the mice have left behind.

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