How To Stop Undercover Areas Becoming A Bird Haven With Bird Netting


If you have a large undercover seating area, hall, parking garage, factory, loading dock, warehouse, shed or other open or semi-open area, and you also have a feral pigeon or feral bird problem, there are cost-effective solutions available that don’t require you to build-in walls to stop access.

Professionally installed bird netting blocks off all areas for birds to nest or roost in your building. This means birds can fly into your building, but as they have no-where to perch, they fly straight out again. We are licensed and experienced installers of Bird Barrier ® Stealthnet, which is the preferred bird netting product for most councils, universities, schools and other large institutions.

Bird netting that we have installed

Bird netting that we have installed

Bird Barrier ® Stealthnet is made up of very thin, ultra-strong, knotted strands of polyethylene twine net that is fixed into place with a tensioned 2mm perimeter stainless steel cable. Additional cables are used through large panels to stop the bird net sagging and to create a snug finish.

The benefit of Bird Barrier ® Stealthnet is that it is almost invisible when correctly installed, long-lasting (20 years +), superior quality, durable, flame resistant, does not absorb water and is extremely effective. Bird Barrier ® Stealthnet is also easy to maintain, and causes less issues for building maintenance than many other bird deterrent products.

It can even be configured to allow easy access to areas such as light-fittings, without affecting the effectiveness of the bird netting. The size mesh we use means that not only pigeons, but starlings, sparrows, swallows and pee-wees are also stopped from taking up residence in your building, which means that one solution prevents problem birds from roosting in your building.

If you have a bird problem, talk with us to find the right anti bird netting solution for your building.