Can You Relocate My Possum?


The most common call we get at the Possum Man is from people asking us to relocate their resident possum far, far, away. Preferably before the next nightfall when the possums put on their steel capped boots and start galloping over the roof.

Relocate My PossumRelocate My Possum

Relocate My Possum

While our team are ready to leap in and restore your fractured sleep, there are a few things that you need to know about possum removal.

  • Possums are a protected species in Australia. They can only be caught by a licensed possum catcher.
  • Possums are territorial. Any relocation must be within 25 metres of the property (and not far, far away).
  • Possums may have multiple entries to any roof or home. All possible access points must be repaired before removing the Otherwise, it will simply return.
  • Possums leave scent trails. All holes must be sealed or proofed off to prevent re-entry. Otherwise, new possum tenants will quickly move in to fill the gap the others have left.
  • You may actually have a number of possums in your property, so it may take several visits over a few days to capture them all before releasing them nearby.
  • Possums are persistent. Once they take up residence, they object to being evicted and will try everything possible to get back into your home, which is why you need to ensure all access points are blocked off.

This means no possum removals are the same. Removing possums generally takes several visits over a few days to ensure you can finally get that peaceful night’s rest that you have been longing for.

That is why we offer free quotes so we can visit and assess your home and discuss options to permanently remove the possums from your roof or other parts of your home.