When Was the Last Time You Cleaned Your Gutters?


All property owners need to recognise the importance of regularly cleaning the gutters and any other areas of the roof that trap leaves and rubbish. The gutters must remain clear to flow freely, effectively transferring rainwater from the roof to downpipes and storm drains.

Gutter Cleaning Needed

Gutter Cleaning Needed

When the flow of water is reduced, even partially, during Brisbane’s frequent heavy storms the water may then back up and escape from the gutters, flowing under the tiles or metal sheeting and emerging inside the roof cavity, where it will cause significant damage to your timbers, plasterboard, electrical fittings and even drip down into carpets and furniture. Even small leaks and overflows, which are repeated over time seeping into timber and soft materials, will rot away, rotting important parts of your building including wooden fascia boards.

However, blocked gutters will also create other problems. Water will collect in small pools that create an ideal location for breeding mosquitoes. Birds and insects, including noisy crows, cockroaches and even snakes seek out these small amounts of fresh water. In addition, the organic matter that collects in gutters will attract possums and rodents looking for nest material. Clogged gutters full of dried leaves are also an extra risk for properties in areas prone to bushfires.

Ideally, gutters should be cleaned twice a year, once in Spring ready for the Summer storms and once in Autumn to deal with any seasonal leaf fall. If you are in a heavily leafed area, or have trees overhanging your home, you may need to clear your gutters more frequently.

Spring is almost here and Summer storms will follow, so check your gutters today and make sure they are not clogged and aren’t going to cause any problems for your home.

If you are unsteady on a ladder or not good with heights, you may want to consider calling in an expert gutter cleaning company to clean your gutters for you. So call Peter for a quote today.