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Treatments and Bird Spikes in Brisbane for Effective Bird Removal

In the nesting season, feral birds look for safe places to build their nests, and unfortunately, they often choose sheltered places on residential homes, businesses or school roofs.

If you hear the sound of wings and constant chirruping in your roof, smell droppings or find yourself constantly scratching from invisible mites, you may find you have become the landlord to birds. If you need bird removal in Brisbane, call us and we will install bird spikes in Brisbane and help evict the pesky birds for you.

The most common birds that we provide removal services for in Brisbane roofs are:

  • Indian Mynas – brown with a darker coloured head, yellow eye and beak. They are loud, aggressive and will kill native species and displace them from nesting sites.
  • Sparrows – Sparrows are small bird; the females are dull brown but male sparrows have darker brown banding on the wings and head. Sparrows prefer to nest in colonies with large untidy nests of grass, straw and feathers.
  • Starlings – Common starlings are one of nature’s songbirds and can replicate a wide range of sounds from whirrs through to songs of other birds. They have dark brown/black shiny feathers in Spring, are noisy, and prefer to roost in large colonies.
  • Pigeons – Feral pigeons are descended from doves and pet pigeons that have been released into the wild. Pigeons are usually grey, with a small head and short neck but can have a variety of feather colours.

A Word on Bird Lice

While feral birds create a major problem in terms of noise while they are roosting, they also leave behind a nearly invisible pest control problem which makes removal an urgent issue. Once the fledglings leave the nest is bird lice or bird mites look for a new host. Bird mites are pinhead size and generally semi-transparent in colour, except when their body is full of blood when they may take on a brownish or blackish tinge. They have a relatively short life cycle, and can rapidly breed to plague proportions.

When the young birds leave the nest many tens of thousands of bird mites or lice are often left behind looking for a new host. The bird mites migrate to any humans living in the building, with bites causing severe irritation and intense scratching. Bird mites also give the sensation of crawling all over the skin, which causes severe psychological distress to many people. While they bite humans, they cannot survive without the presence of their usual host, the bird.

As there are a number of small insect mites that cause problems in Brisbane homes, you need the insect professionally identified and treated with the correct pest control treatment. If bird lice is confirmed, the only way to ensure effective removal, is to have the roof cavities treated after the birds have been removed and all the roof entry points repaired to stop further nesting. If birds are nesting on top of roofs their nest must be removed, lice treated and proofing or bird spikes installed to prevent them coming back.

We Can Bird Proof Your Homes through Bird Spikes in Brisbane

For effective removal Peter the Possum & Bird Man can supply and install bird netting, conduct chemical treatments and install bird spikes to get birds out of your building. It is critical to select the correct method depending on the severity of the problem as well as the species of bird.

When birds are roosting on ledges around buildings often the best solution is to install high quality bird spikes. These spikes prevent the birds from landing in the areas so they cannot roost or nest. The birds may then move to other areas nearby so spikes must be fitted to all potential areas around the building and for best results the spikes should be combined with a form of removal if possible. We have years of experience in effectively installing bird spikes and our servicemen are trained to use height equipment to install spikes on tall commercial buildings, churches and schools.

The bird spikes we install are effective to prevent birds roosting and nesting in specific areas and the spikes are unobtrusive so they blend in with the building and are not too visible from the ground.

If the birds are inside the roof, the team at Peter the Possum Man can assist with bird control by removing the birds and nesting material from the inside of your roof and then completing a bird lice treatment. We can even offer a full ceiling clean with an industrial vacuum after the removal.

As bird issues can be quite varied we offer free* quotes to investigate the issue and can then recommend the best removal and proofing, spikes or netting option for your building.

To learn more about bird spikes and removal, check out our Bird Control FAQs.

Why Choose Peter the Possum Man For Bird Removal?

  1. Removal quotes that are obligation-free. This includes quotes for chemical treatments, trapping or shooting, and fitting bird netting and bird spikes in Brisbane.
  2. We have bird control experts based in Ipswich & Redcliffe and around Brisbane.
  3. Experienced in bird removal from domestic and commercial buildings, warehouses and shopping centres.
  4. Expert advice on how to prevent or minimise bird reinfestation after removal.
  5. Where appropriate, we provide a 3 month warranty on bird treatments, and a 12 month warranty on proofing including spikes and netting.
  6. We can also provide roof vacuuming to remove bird droppings & the debris that birds have left behind.

Contact Us For a Quote

For a free* quote on bird removal for your home or business, including bird spikes in Brisbane, fill out our form or call our office between 8.30am and 3.45pm, Monday to Friday. Contact Us today for fast and effective Brisbane bird removal.

Check out these links to learn more about  Indian Mynas or Starlings ecology.

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Bird Spikes

If you are a tenant, unfortunately we do need the owner’s permission to conduct any proofing work at the property, as it is structural work on the house. We would prefer if the owner is aware of the issue and requests the inspection from us directly so we know they are willing to consider our quote.


How do you remove Starlings, Indian Myna & Sparrows from a roof?

We find their entry holes and remove any nests and young, do a localised spray for lice and then repair the entry points to prevent them returning. We will provide a quote for the bird removal work, for you to approve before we begin. When their nesting holes are closed off, they usually leave the property.

If the birds are roosting or nesting on top of a roof or around a commercial premises we remove the nests and close off any overhang areas. We can also install high quality bird spikes and bird netting where required for effective bird control.

How do you treat bird lice?

We remove the nest material and block off entry holes but also spray the area and nearby surfaces with chemicals that have a long term insecticidal effect.

What do bird lice look like?

They are almost impossible to see without a magnifying glass. They look like small pink or brown tiny spiders, smaller than a pinhead. Their bites are small red spots the size of a pinhead and are often found inside underwear or armpits.

I can see the insects biting me. Are they bird lice?

If you can see small midges flying about they are almost certainly NOT bird lice. It is often hard to identify the cause of mysterious bites. The reasons include midges, sand flies and allergies. Consider the inflammation may be from bites that occurred at another property (eg a BBQ at a friends house) or an allergic reaction from touching several types of native plants. Some people are allergic to grevillea plants or sap from mango and paw paw trees. Just brushing against a plant can produce a “spotty” rash that is very itchy. Bird lice bites are usually distinct pinhead size spots of red and quite small (until scratched!) If most bites are on hands, face, arms or other exposed areas it is probably NOT bird lice. Bird lice bites do not produce visible blood spots, unless scratched.

Are bird lice the same as bed lice?

No. Bed lice, sometimes picked up during hotel stays, are a much more serious problem requiring thorough action by a pest controller experienced in their eradication. The tell tale sign is usually tiny spots of blood found on bedsheets.

Duck Stuck In a Chimney

Duck Stuck In a Chimney