Getting Storm Repairs Done? Don’t Forget the Roof Tenants!


Many Brisbane homes are still getting their roofs repaired after last summer’s storms. Hail, falling trees, and heavy winds played havoc with tiles and corrugated iron roofs in a number of suburbs.  Unfortunately, while the roof was damaged, it may have let in unexpected tenants into the roof cavity.

Possums look for safe shelter during summer storm season, and damaged roofs create easy access options for the local wildlife population. When roofs undergo repair the possum family may be trapped in the roof cavity resulting in the death of the possums and a completely new raft of issues for your tenants in terms of smell, stains, flies, and even ceiling repairs.

Storm Repairs
Storm Repairs
So if you are getting storm repairs done and tenants have reported noises in the roof cavity, call us before, so we can co-ordinate with the other trades people. Our licenced operators can set possum traps in the ceiling for you in compliance with legislation to remove them.  We then humanely release them for you.

A few things to note:

  • It may take more than one night to ensure all possums are removed, so we will need to coordinate with your roof repairers for the beginning of the week to ensure the most efficient repair process for your property.
  • Only licenced operators are legally permitted to trap possums in QLD. Make sure that you check the licence of any operator before permitting possum traps to be set.
  • Possums by law must be released nearby to the original property. They are territorial creatures and, so if they are relocated they will usually die.
  • Your roof repairer will need to find and repair all access points to the roof first; otherwise the possums will simply find another way back to their comfortable home or you can ask us to provide a possum proofing quote with our warranty.

For more information about our trapping possums service, you can read our possum FAQ’s here. Alternatively, if you would like to speak to one of our team to arrange a possum inspection, feel free to contact us.