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Brisbane Possum Removal Specialists

We are a family owned and operated wildlife control and possum removal business. Our head office is based in Newmarket, Brisbane.

Our business has been operating in all Brisbane suburbs and as far out as Redcliffe, Logan and Ipswich for over 30 years. Our aim is to provide a reliable, quality service supported by a genuine warranty based on many years experience.

The Brisbane Possum Mans Services

We are a specialist pest control company with expertise in wildlife control including catching possums and repairs to their entry points, rodent control, paper wasp and bee removal, brush turkey removal & bird proofing. For pigeons and other feral birds the options include shooting, trapping, bird spikes, chemical treatments and bird netting.

We also have a roof cleaning Brisbane team that specialise in gutter cleaning, ceiling vacuum, insulation removal and installing new roof insulation

We have servicemen across the suburbs, so your wildlife control and possum removal will be done efficiently by a local serviceman.

For information about the chemicals that we use please see this page – MSDS Sheets.

Brisbane Possum Mans Services
Peter the Possum & Bird Man Outdoor Truck

About Brisbane’s Best Possum Removal Company

Peter the Possum and Bird Man in Brisbane, was founded over 30 years ago. Peter started the business through his deep love and appreciation of Australian native wildlife. He wanted to help home and property owners to peacefully co-exist with our native species, while safely and humanely reducing feral or problem pest populations.

Over the years, the types of pests we target may have expanded, but our care, attention to detail and respect for our clients has never changed.

However, removing rampaging possums from the roofs of houses and properties will always be our main service. That’s why many of our clients call us Brisbane’s best possum removal company. They know us and trust that we will do the job right the first time.


We promote co-existence with urban wildlife using ethical and humane control methods to provide our customers with a fast effective solution.


Whenever practical we will provide a free quote for possum proofing and bird proofing; however our staff may nominate a service fee for investigations if the information we have indicates the job is:

  • Complex, for a large building, or part of other major building work
  • On a complex building or one in poor condition or under construction/renovation
  • When we believe the customer only wants an opinion/advice or if another company is likely to be required to complete the work
  • Outside our normal service area
  • When we believe the problem is a rodent infestation but the Customer will not first approve our quote for a treatment if we visit and find that is the situation.
  • When the Customer is a tenant or lessee who requires a quote but must get permission from the Owner or Property Manager to authorise payment for any work required.
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