Got Rats? How We Can Fix Your Rat Problem


Scratching, thumps and scampering sounds across your ceiling during the dead of night. Black animal droppings scattered throughout your kitchen and pantry. The sound of wood and electrical cables being gnawed in your walls. You have rats!

Rats are destructive, disease carrying vermin that rapidly breed and take over a home. If you have rats you need to organise professional rat control treatment by a licensed pest controller to quickly and safely remove them and minimise future damage to your home.

Macadamia nuts stored in a Brisbane roof by rats

Macadamia nuts stored in a Brisbane roof by rats

The Possum Man team are experts in rat removal. We believe in a fully integrated approach to not only get rid of rats that are currently in your home, but to identify potential food sources and other risk factors, to reduce the chance they may return.

We start by inspecting your home to ensure that you have no possums that could be poisoned by the treatment. We then treat your roof cavities, and may install secure external bait stations if required. Rat baits are highly toxic, so need to be handled with care. In external areas, they must be encased in locked and secure bait stations to ensure children and native animals are protected while the baits do their work.

We then check your property in Brisbane, identifying potential rat food sources such as chicken coops, pet food storage, palm trees and compost bins. We provide you with advice on how to reduce access by rats to these food sources. Most houses in Brisbane will be visited by rats and mice, from time to time.

If you have rats Brisbane, call the Possum Man. We will fix your rat problem effectively.