About Roger the Rat Man

Roger the Rat Man works with Peter the Possum & Bird Man. All the service staff are experienced pest controllers BUT with a wide experience of possums, turkeys and other wildlife, they have an understanding of animal behaviour. They are aware of the potential impact of pest control chemicals on wildlife and the need to combine them with other methods for the most cost effective, long term result.


  • We offer thoughtful, appropriate treatments to get rid of rats Brisbane.
  • We have Experienced servicemen who consider your concerns, your pets, children and other wildlife.
  • All staff are competent in examination of buildings to try to identify WHY you have a pest problem.
  • Service staff ALWAYS carry ladders.
  • We consider ways to solve your problem with minimal chemical use.
  • Each staff member can rely on a supportive team of very experienced wildlife controllers for the difficult problems.
  • We NEVER lay baits without consideration of other wildlife and pets.
  • We will do our best to remove any animals that die within buildings.
  • Every treatment includes WRITTEN advice about the chemicals used (where placed, ingredients, safety advice) AND a full page of practical advice about non-chemical rodent control.
  • We include a 3 month warranty period, during which we will return to check that baits are adequate and effective, if requested.
  • You can always call or email our well trained staff for advice about any wildlife.

We are not pest exterminators. Instead, we specialize in removing animals with fur and feather and always consider animal behaviour, habits, food sources and life cycles.

We do not do termite treatments and so the staff have an emphasis on managing animal problems rather than using chemicals to exterminate them; so rodent treatments are considered from a VERY different point of view.

We do not just place chemicals. Roger’s staff will always consider and advise on ways to reduce your rodent problem in the longer term (such as removal of bushes, bamboo plants, long grass and trees touching buildings).

Our professional baits are good quality and effective at controlling rats at your property.


Rat Running Up Staircase

Rat Running Up Staircase