The Secret to Keeping Possums off Your Roof


Being woken up early in the morning by an elephant on the roof can be very disruptive and annoying.

We get many calls asking for devices to be put on powerlines to stop possums getting on to a roof. Energex does not like things put on the powerlines so this is not an option but it is not necessary anyway as there is a better and safer way.

The Secret to Keeping Possums off Your Roof
The Secret to Keeping Possums off Your Roof

Possums will only be on your roof regularly for three reasons, they are living IN your roof, they are living ON your roof, or they are using your roof to get from A to B.

If they are getting into your roof, sleeping on top of your roof, under solar panels, or in open gable areas give us a call and we can give you a quote to block off the areas and change the reason for the possums to regularly visit your house.

But if they are not sleeping there they have to be using your roof to go from A to B. Even if you can’t stop them coming along the powerline it does not matter because they have to be getting off your roof on the other side most likely into some overhanging trees. So the solution is to cut the trees back away from the roofline so they can’t get off your roof on the other side, and then they won’t bother coming along the powerlines in the first place.

The other things that can lead to problems are deck posts and decorative lattice features which they can use to climb down off the roof. If they are simple posts you could try putting smooth metal or plastic around the posts so that they can’t grip and climb down or up the posts.

So go for a walk around your home and think like a possum and see what needs to be trimmed back to reduce the possums access and help you have a better nights sleep.