Mice Are Not Nice


After cockroaches and spiders, pest controllers in Brisbane get the most complaints about rats and mice.Mice can get into your home through the tiniest cracks or gaps around pipes and electrical wiring; they can fit under doors that aren’t sealed with a weather strip or through unsealed windows and can even get through open air vents and weep holes in the side of a home.

Mice Are Not NiceMice Are Not Nice

When mice take up residence in your home they are seeking a warm and dry place to nest. Mice will nest in the insulation in the roof, in the walls, cupboards or even behind the fridge.
The next priority is to head for the kitchen area in order to gain access to a steady supply of food. A fruit bowl or bread left on the bench is an invitation to mice or they go in search of small crumbs or scraps left lying around. Other things that may attract mice into the home is pet food left out overnight or seed from a bird cage.
Mice can breed all year around, with a female mouse able to give birth to a new litter every 4-5 weeks, which means numbers can build quickly.
Mice are known for spreading diseases through parasites that they carry on their fur and from bacteria in the faeces they leave behind and contaminate surfaces such as bench tops with their urine.
Because a mouse has to constantly chew to wear their teeth down, they are also destructive to things such as plastic boxes, dishwasher pipes, and electrical cables. Often the first sign that you have a mice problem is your dishwasher leaking water, or finding the odd small brown mouse poo in the back of a cupboard.
If you suspect you have mice in your home, contact us to work with you to determine the safest way to rid your home of mice and rats.