Can I Stop Rodents Getting Into My House


Why is it not possible to prevent rodents from entering the premises and why do we only recommend that fresh baits are always available?

As with many animals, rats in Brisbane can get into any hole that is large enough for their head to fit through. In the case of rats and especially mice, they can get into buildings through a golf ball sized hole.

Can I Stop Rodents
Can I Stop Rodents

If a property has one or two main places where rodents are entering, those holes can be sealed to reduce access, but no pest controller can offer a warranty on rodent control that guarantees rodents will not simply find an alternative entry point.

  • In practice we find holes occur on almost every corrugation of a corrugated iron roof.
  • For a tiled roof, rodents can find gaps under the flashing round vent pipes and skylights.
  • For all types of roofs, where sheeting and tiles meet in a “valley”, or at the change of direction of a roof, there are always small gaps where rodents can enter.
  • For all buildings there are often gaps where service pipes enter the building near ground level.
  • Rodents can easily climb walls whether they are concrete, brick or metal

In all the above cases, the holes may be flashed to stop rain entering, but rodents can still get in.

There have been some 3 bedrooms houses that have been partially rat proofed by ourselves with metal mesh, but the cost exceeds $3000, and the result often does not look very good, since the mesh can usually be seen.

We know some builders will advise that metal or even plastic gutter mesh will exclude rodents. It is true that the metal version will stop them at the gutters but the rodents usually find another entry.

A regular baiting program is the most effective and cheapest rat control method. Bait stations with fresh commercial strength bait will deal with the first arrivals and stop numbers increasing to the point where occupants notice them. As the Autumn weather approaches, the colder nights encourage rodents to move into the warm houses, so that is a good time to lay fresh professional strength baits, to deal with the first arrivals.

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