Bird Netting

We have successfully completed many projects on bird netting in Brisbane on warehouses, churches, awnings and domestic properties. Call us for specialist advice and a free quote*. We can give you the cost of different options and advise on the best bird net solution for your specific problem.

Selecting the best Bird Net option

Good bird control (including pigeons, mynas) requires specialist knowledge. An effective installation of bird netting in Brisbane also requires a team of people with experience. We can offer both as we are trained to install Avepro high quality netting in Brisbane. Let us advise if it is the best option for your problem. Our team has worked together for many years. Anti bird netting is the most effective and permanent long term method to exclude birds from any area. It is used extensively on many public buildings and when properly installed is virtually invisible to members of the public.

The bird mesh is usually black, which is less visible in most situations. It is attached to a 2mm perimeter stainless steel cable which is supported by attachments designed for concrete, masonry or steel, as appropriate. Large panels have additional stainless steel cables across the middle to minimise sagging. The cables are tensioned using turnbuckles and the bird netting is attached to them at frequent intervals using net rings. Correct installation with appropriate tension is critical to avoid the creation of gaps around the perimeter which may allow bird access.

Bird netting is usually the most effective but the most expensive option. The cost is driven by factors including the shape of the net, the building material it is attached to (steel, brick or concrete), the type of height access equipment required (EWPs, scissor lifts booms lifts or scaffolding) and specific site requirements.

We always install the smaller mesh net (19mm or 1 inch holes) because:

  1. While the large mesh size is slightly cheaper, there is little difference in the final installation cost.
  2. The smaller mesh will exclude the smaller birds (swallows, sparrows and pee-wees) as well as the pigeons.
  3. The small extra investment will result to a much longer life of the net after installation.

For building maintenance, the bird nets can be removed or partly disconnected from its supporting cables. For repeated access to a specific point (e.g. replacing light bulbs) either a zipper can be fitted or a cut in the net can be held closed by small metal hooks. Compared to other bird deterrents (spikes, coils, anti-perching wires), netting in Brisbane is LESS visible, easier to maintain and contrary to expectations, actually causes fewer issues during building repairs. So if building appearance and stopping the mess from bird droppings is your priority, then bird netting in Brisbane is by far the best option for an effective long term, and aesthetically acceptable solution.

We always use the high quality Australian Avepro® bird netting or Bird Barrier ® StealthNet. It is the strongest and most versatile bird exclusion system. It can be fitted to courtyards, awnings, loading docks, production areas, roof tops, overhangs, stair-wells, parking garages and many more structures. There are cheaper types of net that do not have the same strength, resistance to friction and especially resistance to deterioration from UV light. We often see netting that has perished and frayed after only 2 or 3 years use. In the overall cost of the job after allowing for labour and height access equipment, using a higher quality product will save you money in the long term.

Since 1996, Avepro and Bird Barrier bird netting installations have been successfully completed in every state of Australia in many food manufacturing, logistics, tourism, grain, health, government and military facilities.
We have successfully completed many installations for bird mesh in Brisbane using our own team of trained in-house people, working on warehouses, awnings, domestic properties and large commercial installations. They include work for: RSPCA at Wacol, MacDonald’s, several churches, an abattoir, hotels, a large government warehouse in Zillmere, Aspley Hypermarket and various commercial outlets including shops at James Street, New Farm.

Remember it is often very important to combine a bird netting installation with other control measures.

Features of Avepro ® netting include:

  • Manufacturers product warranty for 10 years
  • Manufacturers predicted life expectancy under cover of 20 years and beyond (with occasional maintenance).
  • Highly resistant to ultra violet (U.V.) rays
  • Nearly invisible in most situations
  • Low profile installation
  • Made from high density polyethylene twine, fully tensioned at manufacture
  • Twine is twisted and knotted, but thin and ultra-strong
  • Flame Resistant
  • Will not rot or absorb water
  • Is in use now throughout Australia
  • Frequently specified for use on government and heritage properties.

Bird Net in Brisbane for Homes, Offices or Schools

Bird control is a specialised, technical trade, requiring an in depth knowledge of bird behaviour developed from experience over years. Peter the Possum and Bird Man specialises in animal and bird control whereas many pest controllers work mainly on termites and other insects. Netting in Brisbane can sometimes be installed by builders, but it is doubtful if they fully understand the behaviours and biology of the birds that the netting is designed for.

In contrast:

  • We have wide experience with net installation to government, buildings, schools, warehouses, commercial property and domestic buildings
  • We are experienced, trained and certified in using a variety of height access equipment
  • We only use our own staff who are trained and experienced in netting installations and we do not bring in inexperienced casual labourers to work for one trained person. While we are not a large company we CAN provide a cohesive team of 3, 4 or 6 experienced people to complete a quality installation.Call us for a qualified serviceman to inspect your property, consider all the options, and recommend the best solution, which may include a free* quote to install high quality Avepro ® netting in Brisbane.

Installing Bird Proofing Brisbane

Installing Bird Proofing

Bird Netting Brisbane

Bird Netting

If you are a tenant, unfortunately we do need the owner’s permission to conduct any proofing work at the property, as it is structural work on the house. We would prefer if the owner is aware of the issue and requests the inspection from us directly so we know they are willing to consider our quote.