We value our reputation and have been providing possum and wildlife removal services in the greater Brisbane area for over 30 years.

So wherever possible, we will work to resolve any issues to our Customers’ satisfaction.
The first step is to call our Office to discuss your concerns with our well trained specialist staff. They may ask a lot of questions but the aim is to give the best advice or to select the best person from our team to deal with the problem and to ensure that whoever we send has all the relevant information to investigate the source of your concerns.


Our warranty covers the workmanship and materials used for our possum removal service. If the possum gets back in, we will use a possum trap or door to remove it and seal the entry hole at no further charge. Possums are very strong and if we have missed a hole they will get back within a very short time usually a month or so. We give a 12 month warranty to ensure we have solved the problem, this gives the possums more than enough time to check our work.

This warranty does not cover:

  • potential problems or parts of the building that have been specifically excluded in the quote or invoice.
  • new entry points due to rotten timber that was not visible or due to storm damage.
  • new entry points created by alterations to the building or by the work of other trades.
  • new entries chewed by the possum that could not have been reasonably foreseen.

We cannot accept responsibility for any damage a possum may cause to a building or its contents whether before, during or after our intervention.

Rat Control

We usually provide a 3 month warranty unless there are exceptional problems. If shown on our invoice, the warranty assures you of the effectiveness of our rodent treatments; in that time if the occupants are still hearing noises, we will reinspect the property and top up the baits if required at no charge; however, the modern baits that are licensed for use in properties, usually require the animal to eat the bait several times, so we do ask you to wait for about a week after baits are laid before calling us; also when the rodents are removed, it is not unusual for some more to visit the property and occupy the “vacant” space. This means you may hear noises several weeks after it has all been quiet; so you may be asked to wait and see if the new arrivals will also “take the bait”. Please be assured, we do start by laying enough bait to get rid of with any new arrivals over the 3 months of the warranty period (and the benefit will probably last longer).

So if you have any concerns, we ask you to call our office and discuss them with the trained staff. They can arrange for the serviceman to come back.

See Peter’s Advice on rodents for further information.

Brush Turkeys

Brush turkeys are trapped under a Wildlife Damage Mitigation permit that allows us to relocate them to suitable bushland in the greater Brisbane area.
We will ALWAYS take them at least 15 kilometers away from the property where they are caught, and usually more.
While they can fly and do have some “homing” instincts, they will not return when taken over that long distance. However, we strongly advise any nest mounds are removed IMMEDIATELY after the birds are caught, to avoid encouraging other males from establishing their territory in your property.

Unfortunately, one brush turkey nest can hold 100 eggs. However, the young birds have a typical survival rate to 12 months of age of under 0.5% (only 1 from 200 reach their first birthday). But in your area, there may have been a nest that has successfully produced 20-40 young turkeys over one summer; this means there can be a “local explosion” of turkey numbers, even in an area where few have been seen before. They will all be about the same age and so will “look the same” !They are now fairly common in every Council area around Brisbane.