Possum Removal

8 Reasons Why To Choose Peter The Possum Man to Remove Your Possums

  1. Free* quotes to remove and relocate possums and fix holes
  2. Fast & efficient, humane possum removal using possum traps
  3. Thorough repairs to stop possums returning
  4. Legal, humane relocation of the possums
  5. Installation of possum boxes if required
  6. Genuine 12 month warranty on all possum proofing. If they come back, we come back and fix it!
  7. Possum catchers based around Brisbane, including Ipswich & Redcliffe which means no matter where you are in Brisbane, we can remove your possums.
  8. Experience in domestic, commercial, school & church possum removal. And because we care about possum welfare, we are involved in possum research including a study about the welfare of Brushtail possums that our possum catchers evicted from roofs. We found that they live in only a 4-6 house block area, and after removal from a roof they went straight to another den nearby. Read the results of that possum study on our website.

I will definitely be recommending you guys to any of my friends and colleagues who find themselves woken up by possums in their roof!

T.Cossburn – Manly West

Expert Possum Catchers with Wildlife Permits

Has a possum taken up residence in your roof or between your floors or walls? Possums in Brisbane look cute, but they create a load of headaches for most people:

  • Possums are incredibly noisy at night, keeping your family awake at all hours.
  • Their urine and faeces can ruin your ceilings, creating almost indelible yellow stains.
  • They can cause smells & if a possum dies in your roof the stench can be unbearable.
  • They can make your dogs bark all night.
  • They can move your ceiling insulation around to build their nests, creating fire hazards and reducing insulation effectiveness.

To a possum, your home is a veritable palace, no wonder they line up to move in! All a possum needs is to find a small gap under roof overhangs, gaps underneath the house, through chimneys, through areas under renovation or in a garage wall. If they find even a small hole, enough to wriggle through, you will acquire new furry roommates.

How Do I Remove Possums From My Roof?

Possums are a protected species, and only possum catchers with the correct wildlife permits are permitted to use possum traps, and then they must release the pesky possum nearby within a specified area. Peter the Possum Man has been involved with removal of possums from buildings using traps and other methods for over 25 years. Removing possums from your roof takes patience and it may take a couple of visits by the possum catcher to effectively use possum traps to create a possum free home.

Every gap that a possum may use to enter your home must be found and blocked off. Using the possum traps, we then need to catch the possums and release them nearby. After the possum catcher does the removal you can also install a possum box as an alternative safe home for the possum family in a nearby tree.

To learn more about how to get rid of possums, possum problems and effective trap management, check out our Possum FAQs.

Possum Traps and Catchers to Remove Possums with Warranty

We get many calls from people asking us to provide a quote over the phone to remove possums from their roof or to create possum traps for their property. Possum removal must entail a possum catcher to do building and house repairs, then capture of the possums using possum traps, and finally removal of the possum and release it in the nearby property.

But, no two houses are identical. To remove possums we need to look at a whole range of factors. These include the size of the roof, access points like cracked or broken tiles, roof sheeting, gaps around pipes, under floor access, and any access points where new holes could easily be made by strong teeth! Our possum catchers need to check your property over a number of days to ensure we have all possums safely out of your roof. So, to provide an accurate removal quote, our possum catchers need to physically see your property. We do like to meet the occupant to understand what has been heard and seen, but the quote can often be done by inspection from the outside.

That is why our possum catchers offer free* quotes and a building inspection for all Brisbane possum removals. We can consider your unique situation and provide you with a written quote, outlining everything we will be doing including fixing the holes and trapping the possums so there are no surprises (except for the possum).

First let me thank you for your great service, from the first email I sent you to the final possum being caught was just amazing. Many thanks once again on the entire service and I will definitely highly recommend Peter the Possum Man.

M.Young – Oxley

Possum Trap

Have possums in your roof? We can help you with all your possum problems but if you are looking for possum trap hire or sale to catch that pesky possum in your roof. Stop!

Before you hire or buy a possum trap, there are a few things you need to know.

  1. Catching possums and setting a possum trap in Queensland without a permit is illegal. Only fully licensed operators are permitted to trap possums because like all native species, they are protected under the law.
  2. Once you have trapped a possum, it must be released nearby to the property. Possums can’t be relocated to different areas as they are very territorial creatures. Relocating possums is usually a death sentence for them as they do not know where to hide or find food.
  3. Even if you do the wrong thing and relocate the possum you will be wasting your time. Why? Possums use scent trails, so when one is taken away others will move into the vacant territory in your roof. We have spoken to people who have illegally relocated 6 or more possums before they finally give up and call us to permanently fix the issue.

So now that we have that out of the way – how can you legally and humanely go about trapping possums in Brisbane? You call us: Peter the Possum Man Brisbane – the experts in possum trapping.

We offer two different possum trap hire services

Basic Possum Trap Hire

Hire a possum trap from us and our team of licensed operators will set and manage the possum cage for you in compliance with the legislation. This option is ideal for when you are having renovations completed, and your builder or handyperson is repairing all possum access points for you.

Our team of licensed operators will:

  • Set the possum traps for you.
  • Remove the trap at the end of the hire period.
  • Release any trapped possums nearby to your home.

Possums are very intelligent and crafty creatures, and will generally have a number of means of access to your roof. Your builder will need to find and repair all access points otherwise the possums will keep returning to your roof no matter how often you trap them.

Basic Possum Trap Hire Provisos

  • As we are not conducting any repairs on your property, we cannot offer any warranty against possums returning to your roof.
  • You will be charged for the hire of the possum traps whether or not any possums are trapped but our team will not set the possum cages if there are still obvious holes or access points to your roof. If this is the case, you will be charged a service fee for the visit.
  • We prefer 24 hours’ notice of hire.
  • We do not set possum traps on Friday nights or weekends as it may take more than one night to ensure all possums are removed.

Guaranteed Possum Removal & Trap Hire

If you want to ensure that possums will be permanently removed from your roof, then you need our guaranteed possum removal and trap hire service.

Our team of licensed operators will:

  • Identify all possum access points to the problem area of the property.
  • Repair all entry points which could include sealing small gaps, replacing cracked or damaged tiles, fixing lifting roof sheets, sealing gaps around pipes, blocking off underfloor access.
  • Set and remove traps for you over as many days and nights as is needed to trap all possums in your property.
  • Advise you of other options to discourage possums from travelling across your roof including pruning overhanging shrubs and trees.
  • Offer the option to supply and install a possum box nearby to create a safe, alternative home which your possums may use.
  • Release any trapped possums nearby as required under all Queensland possum permits. Remember, we give you a warranty that the possums will not get back inside your home once they are released.

With our comprehensive possum removal service we offer a full 12 month warranty on our possum proofing.

Possum Trap

Mother Possum With Unusual Coloured Baby

Possum Trap

Possum Living In Floor Cavity

Contact Us For a Quote

Contact us for a free* quote to for possum removal by experienced possum catchers from your home or business. You can also fill out our website form or call our office between 8.30am and 4pm, Monday to Friday.

Check out these links to learn more about removal of Common Brushtail Possums, Mountain Brushtail Possums or Ringtail Possums.

Possum Living In Whirly Bird

Possum Living In Whirly Bird
Roof Hole Chewed By Possum

Roof Hole Chewed By Possum

If you are a tenant, unfortunately we do need the owner’s permission to conduct any proofing work at the property, as it is structural work on the house. We would prefer if the owner is aware of the issue and requests the inspection from us directly so we know they are willing to consider our quote.

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