What is the Cost to Remove Possums?


We get many calls each week from people asking us to provide a quote over the phone to remove possums from their roof. Possum removal in Brisbane is 90% building repairs and 10% trapping and removal of the possum from the cavity. No two houses are identical so therefore difficult to assess accurately over the phone what work and repairs may need to be done.

Cost To Remove Possum
To remove a possum in a roof, for example, we need to look at a whole range of factors – the size of the roof, access points included cracked or broken tiles, lifting roof sheeting, gaps around pipes, under floor access.

After the proofing work has been completed, we need to ensure we have all possums (and their babies) safely out of your roof. We have a number of possum control devices we can use to remove the possums, so we have to establish which is going to be the best method. In other words, to provide an accurate quote for you, we need to physically see your property to do an inspection to ascertain where the possum is getting in, so for most possum catching enquiries we offer free* quotes and a building inspection.

The experienced team at Peter the Possum Man can consider your unique situation and provide you with a written quote, outlining exactly what can be done so there are no surprises (except for the possum). Our possum catchers in Brisbane are often asked if we can just set cages and “take the possum away”. This won’t solve the problem for you as possums are a scent based animal and if you remove one you will more than likely just have another take its place before too long. Also, possums are a Native Animal and therefore protected by law so we must release the possum no more than 25 meters away. If possums pester you, please give us a call and we will arrange for one of our experienced servicemen to call you and arrange a time for the inspection and quote for your possum removal.