How to Install Bird Netting


Bird Netting
Bird Netting

Installing netting requires strong cables, usually 2 mm stainless steel, anchored to the strong parts of the structure with appropriate fittings. Then the net is attached along one side and stretched while the other sides are progressively attached to the cables, usually using clips every 100 mm or so; if the dimensions of the net exceed ten feet (say 3*3 metres) it is usually necessary to install intermediate supporting cables so the bird netting does not sag too much. The net is clipped to the cables with ring clips; given the large number of clips required, an electric or pneumatic clipping tool is preferred. To install a bird net the first basic steps are:

  • Measure up the area to be covered, ensuring the net goes over any edges, so birds cannot get behind it
  • Check there are no other gaps in the supporting structure that would allow birds to get behind the netted area
  • Consider height access: small boom lifts or scissor lifts are usually needed
  • Consider the need to access any lights or other equipment that will be behind the net; Zippers or detachable clips can be installed
  • Decide the number of net pieces required; a net of ten by ten feet may be the maximum that 2 people can handle safely. Even with a larger team of people, it is only feasible to manage a maximum net size of 20 by 20 feet due to the weight and the need to apply enough tension
  • The installation will often require at least one full day. During that time, there can be no vehicle or pedestrian movements below the work area, so that might require the bird net installation to be done on a weekend.
  • Consider the type of fittings needed, depending on whether the cables are to be anchored to masonry or steel beams, or possibly sheet metal. Does the structure have adequate strength to support the tension of the supporting cables?
  • Pay special attention to the location and type of anchors to be used at the corners of the net because that is where the maximum loads will be.
  • Ensure that having selected the area to be netted, you have not left other ledges and projections nearby where the birds will move to, after the net is installed

If you have problems with birds and think netting may be suitable give us a call and we can arrange an inspection and prepare a bird netting quote.