How Often Should I Get Gutter Cleaning done?


Gutters are the workhorses of homes. When running clear, they quickly take away water to the storm water system. But how often should you do gutter cleaning? To work out how often your gutters need attention, you first need to know what washes into them in your house.

Safe Experienced Gutter Cleaning

Safe Experienced Gutter Cleaning

The most common reason people clean their gutters is from a build-up of tree litter. If you are in an open suburban area, with not many trees, then cleaning your gutters once a year is generally enough. However, if you have overhanging or large nearby trees, you may find your gutters get clogged more frequently – and you may need to have your gutters cleaned every 6 months.

But tree litter is not the only problem. Wayward kids’ tennis balls can clog stormwater pipes. Rats or birds can take up residence in your gutters and build comfy nests of twigs and leaves.

And severe storms can blow in all sorts of things onto your roof and then into your gutters from kilometres away.

The best way to be sure of how often you should clean your gutters is to have a chat with our friendly gutter cleaners when they do your gutter vacuum. They will tell you what you are up against, and when they would recommend your next gutter cleaning service. We can then arrange to call you at the appropriate time.