How to deter noisy crows?


It’s that time of year again when the resident neighborhood crows break into football match volume squawks at all hours.

Between August to October is crows breeding season, and the cacophony of crows yelling at each other is the common sound accompaniment to many homes and backyards. If you are willing to wait for a few weeks until the breeding season is over everything will quieten down again on its own.

How to deter noisy crows?
How to deter noisy crows?

However, if you are not the patient type, while there is a temptation to forcibly evict them from your yard mid-concert, crows are a protected species in Australia and injuring one can result in a fine from council.

If you are troubled by noisy crows, the best method is to deter the crows from settling into your backyard in the first place. They are native and protected so can’t be harmed.

Start by eliminating their food source in your yard. Ensure that all bin lids are firmly closed, and you cover the compost bin so they can’t break in and steal scraps. Be sure to bring in all pet food bowls as well.

Removing water sources is also advised. Remember to check that your gutters are not blocked and are running freely. Blocked gutters cause water to pool and stagnate, both providing drinking water for crows and a place for mosquitoes to breed. Cover larger water sources such as swimming pools and ponds if possible.

The last resort deterrent is tying together and hanging up a packet of black feathers from the local craft store to a tree on the property. Crows will think this is a dead crow and will avoid the property. This should not be done anywhere near a crow nest though.