Ultrasonic Possum Deterrents


Research by Bradley Gale, at The University of Queensland in 2013 again confirms that possums cannot be excluded from buildings by using ultrasonic deterrents. The machines may initially scare the possums but they soon become accustomed to the sounds making them an ineffective form of possum removal.

Peter Possum has assisted with a number of trials in food companies where ultrasonics have been tested to remove rats and mice and none of them worked effectively. If the animal knows there is a safe place to hide or good food to eat, it will be very tolerant of uncomfortable noises.

Ultrasonic Possum
Ultrasonic Possum

Ultrasonic frequencies are those exceeding 20 kHz or cycles per second (cps) and they are not audible for humans, though they are heard by animals like dogs, cats and possums. Brushtail possums can hear sounds in the range 20 to 35 kHz. In theory, the sounds can cause fear and minor discomfort but while some tests promoted by the equipment suppliers have shown positive results, the vast majority of tests on possums and other animals confirm the devices are ineffective.

The University of Queensland researcher recently used a unit sold to deter possums with a claimed effective range of 9 metres over a 90-degree arc. This particular device claims to issue pulses over changing frequencies between 16 and 30 kHz. Certainly if the method has some benefits, this unit should be the most likely to work.

The researcher found it had no lasting effect, and so cannot be an effective possum control deterrent. While the possums were initially startled by the sound, they went back to feeding almost immediately.

So Peter the Possum & Bird Man recommends that for effective possum removal in Brisbane, excluding the animals by closing off all the entry holes (called proofing) is the only effective method to get them out of your building and keep them out. Call us for a free* quote to possum proof your home or business.