Wasp Nest Removal

Brisbane paper wasps can be great as a form of natural control of other pest insects in the garden, but can also be very dangerous when they decide to nest near our homes. The main wasp nests we see in and around Brisbane homes are paper wasps.

Paper wasps are so called because their nests are made from a mixture of wood and saliva. The four common types of paper wasp native to Brisbane belong to two genus (groups of species):

  1. The Polistes wasps are species that build large circular shaped discs on a single short stem, often seen under eaves.
  2. Ropalidia revolutionalis is smaller and its nests are vertical strips about two cells wide.
  3. Ropalidia romandi paper wasp covers its large nests in a mud like papery envelope and prefers to use tree trunks but has been found under the eaves of Brisbane houses.
  4. Ropalida socialistica live inside cavities in large numbers and can look like bees.
Wasp Nest Removal

Wasp Nest Removal

Wasp Removal from Buildings and Trees

Spring is peak paper wasp nest time when the female wasps awaken after their winter hibernation and start their nest building. They will build all throughout the summer and we often get calls for very large wasps nests in Autumn.

The thing that makes paper wasps really dangerous is that they are a colony species with many in the nest that can all swarm and attach at the same time. A wasp nest must be removed if it is in a pathway or there is a person allergic to its sting nearby. The paper wasps need to be killed as they will return to the site and rebuild their nest if the nest is just destroyed.

Wasp Control with Genuine Warranties

Wasp nests vary from small numerous nests along a roofline, to massive paper wasp nests often found high up on eaves or in large trees. We are able to eradicate all wasps and remove their nests, we also have experience in using height access equipment to remove large wasps nests from trees or on tall buildings.

The large nests can be extremel dangerous potentially with thousands of wasps inside, strangely the small wasps that make the largest nest seem to hurt the most when they sting.

To learn more about our Brisbane paper wasp eradication, check out our Wasp FAQs.

Wasp Nest Removal in Brisbane

Wasps Making Nest

Why Choose Peter the Possum Man For Wasp Nest Removals?

  1. Obligation free* paper wasp removal quotes.
  2. We have wasp removal people based around Brisbane, including Ipswich & Redcliffe which means no matter where you are in Brisbane, we can remove your wasps.
  3. Experienced in Brisbane wasp removal and wasp nest removal your home or business.
  4. We usually provide a 3 month warranty on wasp removals. If they come back, we come back and fix it for free!
  5. Our wasp control people are experienced in using height access equipment if required, which means no matter how high the wasp nest, we can remove it!

Contact us for a free* quote for wasp removal for your home or business, fill out our form or call our office between 8.30am and 3.45pm, Monday to Friday.

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Check out this link to learn more about the ecology of  Paper Wasps or European Wasps.

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How do you remove wasps?

We use a chemical treatment to eradicate them and then do wasp nest removal.

Do you do wasp removal from high trees?

If you have a large wasp nest high up in a tree we can inspect and quote to eradicate the wasps and remove the nest. We have experience using height access equipment so can also organise this if it will be required to reach the wasps.

When are wasps a problem in Brisbane?

We get most reports of wasp nest issues during the warmer months, wasps will often ‘hibernate’ over winter and then emerge and start a new nest in Spring. They build all through summer and if not removed by the next winter, we then start getting called out to some massive dangerous wasps nests. The longer a nest is left the more they will breed and then the bigger the problem will be the next summer.

Will the wasps come back again?

The wasps are eradicated so will not return but we offer a 3 month service free period to ensure that all wasps from those nests have been removed.