Help! Possums are living in my garage!


You head down to the garage to start your car, and notice a number of pairs of bright eyes blinking at you from above the roller door in the garage. You look closer and see that a family of local possums has moved in. Your thoughts immediately turn to possum traps and removing the furry freeloaders from your garage. What can you do?

Possum in garage

Possum in garage

Possums in garages are a common occurrence in Brisbane. However, whether you can permanently evict your possum or not depends on the design of your garage.

If you have a fully enclosed garage, we can identify and block the entry points, before setting possum traps to capture the possum family and relocating them outside for you. After this process, you just need to remember to keep your garage door closed when not in use.

If you have an open carport, then setting a possum trap will be ineffective, as the possums will simply return the moment they are released.  So for open-sided carports, you need to look at possum deterrents to encourage your possum family to move elsewhere:

  • Clean up your garage to reduce places for possums to sit and nest, (we recently found one family of possums living in a disused shoulder bag).
  • Make sure all cupboards and tool lockers are kept closed at all times.
  • Consider installing a sensor light in your carport, ensuring the sensitivity is adjusted so the light is triggered when a possum passes the beam. Point the light towards their favourite sitting spots rather than towards the ground.
  • Possums hate mothballs, so you can tie small bags of mothballs to the favourite crossbeams within your garage. Mothballs can be placed inside small plastic containers with holes punched in the lid to stop the mothballs from rolling away.

If you are experiencing a pesky possum problem, call the experts at Peter the Possum Man. We offer a fully licensed and humane possum removal service in Brisbane that will evict the critters from your home. Contact us today to discuss your possum removal needs.