Possum Problems?


Possums have adapted well to the urban environment and their numbers around Brisbane have increased over the years. When we do our removal it is now not unusual to find more than two possums in the one roof.

Possums can be very clever, spending many hours checking roofs from the outside and inside, so it is not unusual to find they know of several entry points into your roof. Peter the Possum and Bird Man has specialists who will examine your roof or other building areas and provide a firm written, no obligation quote for possum removal and the building repairs.

Noises in the roof that keep people awake are the main reason we are called to help, but just as important is to consider the risk of damage to your property from urine and chewing. This does include the unlikely but real possibility of fires caused by damage to electrical wiring.

We can supply and install a possum box if you would like your “tenant” to have a new home. However during a removal study we discovered most possums know of several other alternative places to sleep within a few hundred meters (based on radio collar tracking research we conducted with a researcher from the University of Queensland).

How We Can Help to Remove Your Problem Possum

All the possum entry points have to be found or it is certain the possum will return. Under the wildlife laws, possums can only be evicted from inside buildings and when using a possum trap must be released nearby (within 25m). Removing a possum without sealing up all the holes will not work because another one will move into the vacant “territory” in your roof (and it is both cruel and illegal).

The possums are humanely removed by using possum traps placed inside the roof or we can use devices that let the possum go out but not get back in again. The method is selected from experience and depends on the circumstances and the ease of access into the correct part of the roof space.

We provide a 12 month warranty for our possum removal work to ensure we have solved the problem. Strong materials, usually wire mesh or sheet metal, are used to ensure a long lasting removal. If you are hearing any noises in your ceiling, walls or between floors areas, it is important to get a qualified person to investigate as possums will eat rat baits and may die in your roof; so it is important to ensure any possums are excluded before rodent baits are laid.

About Us at Peter the Possum Man

Peter the Possum and Bird Man has been operating in Brisbane for nearly 30 years. It is Brisbane’s most experienced possum removal company with a team of very experienced servicemen. We operate around the greater Brisbane area (CBD, Burpengary, Ipswich, Logan out to Wynnum) and we are not a franchise.

This means:

  • We have an experienced service person local to your area, who can respond quickly and be flexible with organizing visits.
  • If a particularly crafty possum knows of secret entries, we can send several experienced people to examine your building until we find all the entry holes.
  • Our warranty on the possum removal is supported by many experienced people rather than one or two who may live many miles away.
  • With specialists in different methods we can be sure to select and apply the most suitable method for your building.
  • We have highly experienced Managers who will come out to help with any concerns you may have.

How to Arrange a Possum Removal Quote

We have a sophisticated database system to track your job. From 8.30 am to 4pm, Monday to Friday we have an experienced team of specialist office staff to collect details of your requirements.

This means:

  • We can easily follow up any queries you have.
  • You can call, fax or email the office for a progress update
  • Our qualified team and sophisticated job control is the reason we are the preferred possum removalists for many Property Managers who we rely on for repeat business.
  • You do not have to wait for a busy service person to answer the phone and our office staff put great emphasis on good customer service.

Contact our friendly office staff today for an obligation free* quote!