Choosing a Possum Removalist


Peter the Possum and Bird Man has been in Brisbane for over 30 years. Throughout that time, the company has always been based in Brisbane employing a number of servicemen who each work in their local area and have significant local knowledge.

Many of the current employees have been with the company for over ten years and some for much longer than that! This gives the company a great depth of experience to draw on and the ability to assemble a team of experienced staff if required for difficult or larger projects.

The company is an independent family owned business that currently employs five members of the family in various roles. Unlike some possum removalists, we do not do general pest treatments or termite control; so we can ensure all field staff carry the specialist equipment to concentrate on the removal of a limited range of animals: possums, brush turkeys, pigeons, rats, mice, bees and wasps.

We emphasize the use of the most humane methods of removal and ensure we comply with various conditions on our Wildlife control permits. These are aspects that that non-specialists and some of the larger pest control operators do not always fully consider. In particular, when doing rodent treatments, it is important to ensure possums do not have access to the baits; some general pest controllers simply do not have the knowledge, or do not take the care to ensure that any possums co-habiting with the rats, do not have access to the poison. It can create a major odor problem in a customer’s property if a possum dies inside a roof cavity from eating carelessly laid rat baits.

Reviews provide a way for customers to assess the reliability of a service provider but a number of possum removalists that advertise in Brisbane are actually based outside of Queensland. They use “recommendations” that are based on work done by different staff in other cities.

We are a genuine local small business with a solid team who can rely on each other the get the job done efficiently and effectively.