What Do Ringtail Possums Eat?


What do ringtail possums eat? Ringtail possums are considered folivores, which means they eat mainly leaves. The ringtail possum diet consists primarily of eucalyptus leaves. Much like koalas, the ringtail possum has a specialised stomach that allows them to digest eucalyptus leaves.

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Ringtail Possums
Ringtail Possums

However, when they venture into the suburbs, ringtail possums will eat a range of plants found in gardens and foliage beds. In addition to green leaves, they have also been known to eat flowers and soft fruits. People who garden can often get frustrated with ringtail possum activity in their yards, as this can be highly destructive to ornamental plants. The ringtail possum will eat both native and introduced plant and flower species.

While ringtail possums prefer habitats of dense brush such as eucalyptus forests, they will feast on foliage they find in neighbourhoods. They tend to favour newer growth and young leaves, which can be especially frustrating to gardeners who consider them a pest.

How To Identify The Ringtail Possum

Ringtail possums are about half the size of a housecat and have orangey brown fur, brown eyes, a cream coloured belly and white patches near the eyes and ears. The tail usually features a white tip at the end. Ringtail possums have five toes on each claw-like foot, and the front feet each include a thumb-like appendage to assist in climbing. The ringtail possum typically weighs between ½ to 1 kg and is around 30 to 35 cm long when mature – about half the size of a cat. Their tails can add another 30 to 35 cm to their length.

The ringtail possum is nocturnal and feeds at night. By day, ringtail possums sleep in nests located in trees within dense foliage; however, they may also build their nests in roofs, rafters or on decks.

If ringtail possums live around your property, they can quickly become a nuisance and cause the following problems:

  • Eating your foliage, flowers and bushes
  • Creating a lot of noise around your home at night
  • Agitating your pets
  • Taking up residence in your property
  • Leaving waste in or around your home

It’s illegal to capture ringtail possums without a permit. However, Peter the Possum Man is fully certified for safe possum removal and has been doing so for 25 years. If possums are causing problem around the outside of your home we can give advice to minimise the damage, but if they are inside your building we can fix the holes and remove the possums from inside. No two possum removal jobs are alike, and each can require varying amounts of effort. However, you can rest assured that Peter the Possum Man will do a thorough job that includes:

  • Removal of all possums from inside buildings
  • Finding entryway holes
  • Repairing entryways to prevent them from returning
  • Installation of possum boxes if required

You will also receive a 12-month warranty on our possum proofing services. If ringtail possums return within one year, we’ll return and address the issue.

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