Why Heavy Rain Causes Rats in Brisbane


Property managers across Brisbane tell us they have been inundated with complaints from tenants about rats in their properties after the recent heavy rains. Stormwater drains and suburban sewerage systems are common homes for rats in Brisbane, but during heavy rains and floods, the water levels rapidly rise and flush out the resident rats, so they move to surrounding areas.

Rats are expert swimmers, climbers and jumpers and will look for the nearest dry safe haven to move into when flushed out of their drains. Unfortunately they often choose suburban homes, garages, sheds and commercial properties, creating a surge in calls to property managers from unhappy tenants.  Rats not only spread disease, they regularly chew through electrical wiring, dishwasher hoses and wall panels creating expensive repair bills for the property owner.

Regular rat prevention is the best and most cost effective way of getting rid of rat problems in a rental property. Provided the roof is possum proof and there are no possums living within a property, we recommend commercial grade rat baits be installed in roof cavities at all times.

If your tenants have chickens, guinea pigs, a bird aviary or if the property has an outside shed or rock retaining wall, we recommend external lockable bait stations. External rat bait stations need to be child-proof, waterproof and pet proof to minimise potential risks and hazards.

Our team of licenced rodent controllers can advise you on the right baits to get rid of rats in your property; install the correct bait stations for effective results; and then maintain the bait stations for you. We also offer a 3 month warranty.

For fast and efficient rat treatments, check out our rat removal service.


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