Dead Removals

Fast Dead Possum inspections in Brisbane

Sometimes possums and rats can die inside the roof or wall cavities of houses. Often the first sign of a dead possum, dead rats or dead mice is a cloud of flies within the house and the smell can be quite bad and the dead animal carcass may need to be removed.

Sometimes the animal dies from old age or following a serious injury (often due to a collision with a car or an attack by a dog or cat). However, possums will eat rat bait and it can kill them so it is always important to ensure no possums can get into the roof cavity before rat baits are laid. Possums are protected native animals so it is illegal to deliberately poison or kill them; don’t forget that a dead possum can smell in a roof for up to 2 months.

Dead Rat Removed From Ceilings

Our serviceman is able to attend for a dead removal inspection to get rid of both dead rats and possums in the ceiling cavity. Every effort is made to locate the dead animal and remove the dead, although it is not always possible to find it.

Sometimes the animal is located in the wall, this is far more difficult to remove as it would involve cutting walls. We would first discuss the options and cost to cut a hole and to get rid of the dead animal.

Licensed and Experienced Pest Controllers

We attend to dead removals as soon as possible after you call as we appreciate that it is very unpleasant.

If the problem is found the be a possum we can then also quote to fix the entry points to stop it from happening again. Or if it is dead mice or rats we can also lay commercial grade rodent treatments to control the problem and reduce the chance of it happening again.

Baby and Mother rat removals

Baby and Mother Brushtail Possum Living in Gutter