Got things that go bump in the night


We live in a land with an abundance of unusual wildlife and most of us have to come to terms with sharing our habitat with some of them. Many of our species are unique to this continent and all native wildlife in Australia is protected under law. This means that it cannot be caught, relocated or kept without a wildlife permit.

Cars, domestic cats, dogs and development all threaten the survival of much of our native wildlife including possums. As our Brisbane urban sprawl expands into what was once native bush, the possum has had to find man-made alternatives to the hollow logs or holes in trees that it prefers to nest in during the day. Living in the suburbs means that loose roof tiles, under house storage or gaps on the roof structure provide an appealing nesting alternative.

Possum Hidden In A House

The first sign of trouble may well be the incredibly loud thumping sound they make on your roof as they head out for the night. Apart from the damage they cause in the ceiling from extensive chewing, an annoying feature of having a possum sharing your Brisbane home is the loud banging, scratching and bumping noises they make when they come back from their night’s outing as they nestle in to sleep at the unfortunate hour of around four or five in the morning.

Possums are highly territorial creatures, using their scent to mark out a territory, including the access points to their nesting site. Once they have made your home their home, they will fiercely protect it against any other possums who try to move into their territory. The fights that ensue as a result can be very traumatic for the possums, as well as being extremely disruptive to the sleeping residents in the home. This disruption may lead the homeowner to employ the services of a possum removal expert.

As cute as they may look, possums have dangerously sharp claws and teeth and can lash out and bite, so under no circumstances should you attempt to catch or handle the possum yourself. Peter the Possum Man offers a professional possum removal service in Brisbane. Once the furry invader has been evacuated, steps can then be taken to ensure that the access points to the home are blocked off to avoid any future damage or disruption. A small nesting box attached to a nearby tree in the garden is the kindest way to provide the evicted lodger with an alternative home so that it may continue to thrive in its own territory without disruption to its human neighbours.

If you require possum removal in Brisbane, contact Peter the Possum Man today for a free* quote. For further information on possum problems, you can read our helpful possum FAQs.