Feral Pigeons The Pests With a Homing Instinct


Pigeons have been described as rats with wings. When they roost, the acidic nature of their droppings can damage your home, while their feathers, eggs and nests can clog your gutters and drains, causing them to overflow in a storm.

Feral Pigeons The Pests With a Homing Instinct
Feral Pigeons The Pests With a Homing Instinct

Pigeon faeces have been shown to carry serious human diseases including salmonellosis, psittacosis and pseudo-tuberculosis. Pigeons favourite roost is the roof of homes, getting in through cracked or broken tiles or windows, as well as any gaps in your roof seals. They may also roost on the top of air-conditioning boxes, water tanks, gutters and window ledges. They also like to shelter under any overhangs.

If you have pigeons in your home, removal is not a simple job. We need to first bird proof your property, to break the cycle and stop them from breeding, removing all areas of potential access. We seal any gaps and make any other roosting areas unattractive for the pigeons.

We can then also ideally reduce the population birds through trapping, treating or shooting. Pigeons have an inbuilt homing mechanism and generally remain around their birth site. If relocated, they will quickly return to their birth home, so permanent methods of removal are essential and because they are feral pests it is legal to do so.

Because pigeons are free flying, we cannot warrant that any control approaches will fully remove the problem. However, the sooner the breeding cycle is broken and new pigeons are not born at your property, the sooner you will see pigeon numbers reduce and work towards a long term solution.

We also have experience in installing high quality bird barrier bird netting to completely exclude birds from outdoor areas like warehouse roofs, overhangs and shopping centre foyers. A free quote can be provided for this and we also have the experience and training to organize and use any height access equipment required.