Solar Panel Proofing

Effective Removal of Pigeons from Solar Panels

Pigeons and other birds will shelter and nest under solar panels. They are attracted to sheltered places to get protection from the sun whilst having a high place to perch and then will use the space under the panels to build a nest.

Regular visits from birds create a mess on top of the panels, reducing their efficiency. However a more serious issue is the accumulation of nesting material and droppings underneath the panels.

Their droppings are corrosive. There is also a serious risk of increased electrolysis between different metals: the aluminium solar panels, stainless steel bolts and the metal of the roof sheeting. This occurs because the debris retains moisture and also forms a bridge that can bypass the insulators and fittings that are installed to prevent electrolysis.

On both metal and tiled roofs, the accumulated nest debris and droppings will also attract insects such as beetles and cockroaches to breed on your roof (and then enter the house). Eventually gutters and drains will be blocked and corroded, allowing water to leak and overflow from the gutters.

If birds on solar panels are allowed to successfully rear their young, even more birds will come back to the same building in the following breeding season.

Possum Proofing Solar Panels

Possums view solar panels as excellent areas to shelter and will often nest underneath. They are attracted to the panels as they provide a safe, sheltered location and will happily live and nest in such places on top of the roof. Unfortunately they are guaranteed to make a mess under the panels and can often chew the wires leading to safety hazards for your family and expensive repair bills.

At Peter the Possum and Bird Man we use a reliable, quality method of excluding the possums from under the panels and have installed this type of proofing on many properties around Brisbane. The product we use is stainless steel black UV coated wire mesh with UV stable nylon retainer hooks and washers. It clips onto the panels so you can remove a section for servicing if required, and it does not screw into the panels so does not void your panel warranty. Our product also allows excellent water and airflow under the panels to avoid heat build-up.

Possum nests will be removed before the mesh is fitted and if there is significant mess created by possums or birds, we will usually provide a quote to pressure wash the roof before the solar panel proofing is installed.

How Peter the Possum Man Can Help

Overall it is better to be pro-active: exclude the birds and possums from getting under the panels and reduce the tendency for them to stay on your roof. Peter the Possum & Bird Man has a team of people experienced in proofing solar panels to get rid of pigeons and possums using our proven proofing product. In the longer run it is much cheaper to exclude the unwanted visitors as that reduces future maintenance costs and ensures that the efficiency of power conversion from the sun is not reduced.

As experienced, registered pest controllers, we are also able to combine this solar panel proofing with legal chemical treatments to get rid of pigeons and reduce the bird numbers, if needed.

Call Us for a Quote for Pigeon Removal

Contact our office during work hours for further advice or complete the online application form and we will call you back to organise an obligation free* quote to remove your problem pigeons or possums.

Pigeon droppings under solar panels

Pigeon droppings under solar panels

Pigeon proofing to remove birds from solar pannels

Pigeon droppings under solar panels

If you are a tenant, unfortunately we do need the owner’s permission to conduct any proofing work at the property, as it is structural work on the house. We would prefer if the owner is aware of the issue and requests the inspection from us directly so we know they are willing to consider our quote.