Wildlife in a Well Managed Brisbane Garden


A garden full of native plants is a great way to attract wildlife and especially the native birds that are  adapted to get nectar from Australian flowers. Getting the right mix of vegetation to suit your lifestyle as well as the wildlife, may require some expert advice but that does not have to be expensive. A garden layout is a long term project and there are some people around Brisbane who can help with intelligent management of the garden rather than just mowing and slashing back unwanted growth. With a good plan, you can assist native animals to find appropriate vegetation and flowers to eat. Although possums are omnivores and well adapted to the Brisbane urban environment, like all native animals they need a mixture of fruit, flowers, vegetation and even insects for a balanced healthy diet. Like many native animals, brushtail and ringtail possums are adapted for diets with a high level of fibre.

Orchard Swallow
Orchard Swallow

Another garden landscape factor affecting wildlife is the number of older trees, since they are the ones that produce hollows. It is the lack of hiding spaces that results in the need for possum removal from houses. Parrots, gliders, microbats and a host of small animals including insects all rely on tree hollows and it is a common mistake for landowners to remove trees simply because they are old. A gum tree typically has to be 70 years old before it forms hollows suitable for parrots and possums. Unfortunately the increasing number of feral bees and invasive species like the Indian myna bird also compete for tree hollows.

Good advice from someone who combines plant knowledge with a real interest in wildlife, can result in more appropriate pruning of older trees and hopefully retaining the sections that contain hollows. These considerations all point to the need for careful planning if you still wish to attract a wide range of animals to the spaces around your home. Getting good advice on planting, landscaping or just the day to day management of your land does not have to be expensive; you might like to check out James Hansen at Wildscape Gardens, a TAFE trained horticulturalist and environmental planner who does not mind getting his hands dirty with weed management and garden clean-ups and has a specialty in creating wildlife gardens. Try his website www.wildscapegardens.com.au or ring him on 0427 827 443.