What to do before installing insulation


Insulation and Brisbane summers go together like lawns and lawnmowers. Roof insulation provides a buffer against our summer heat, as well as helping to keep energy costs down. Batts, insulation boards, insulation blankets and blow-in forms of insulation all work to resist heat and keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter.

Droppings and nuts from rats in a roof

Droppings and nuts from rats in a roof

But no matter the form of insulation you are adding to your ceiling, there are a few steps that you need to take before roof insulation is added or renewed.

The most important first step is having your internal roof cavity inspected and ceiling vacuumed. Most of us never look into our ceiling cavities, but over time dust, cobwebs, bird nests, snake skins, mice nests and a host of other interesting debris builds up in our roofs.

Often the breezes blow this debris towards light fittings, downlights, bathroom roof vents, and other gaps into our home. This can increase fire risks, as well as spread allergen causing dusts into rooms.

Old Queenslanders in particular, with their VJ walls and decorative ceiling air-vents, are prone to allowing this roof dust to permeate through into the rooms of our home. This means you are forever dusting and if your family includes someone allergic to dust particles, their life can become a misery.

New insulation installed in a ceiling

New insulation installed in a ceiling

By carrying out roof cleaning of your ceiling cavity before installing new insulation, you reduce dust and fire risks to your home. You also ensure there are no current pest inhabitants hiding in the corners of your roof that will see the new insulation as the ultimate in bedding material.

And just as you wouldn’t install new carpet without sweeping the floor area first, vacuuming your ceiling space allows a clean space for your insulation installers to work.

So if you are thinking of installing or renewing your roof insulation, remember to book in your roof cleaning and get a ceiling vacuum with the Possum Man first, (and ask him to quote to supply the insulation material too).