Wasp Nest Removal: What You Need to Know


Most people in Brisbane know the intense pain of brushing against a shrub in the garden when mowing, only to be stung by a paper wasp. Or looking out a bedroom window and seeing a massive paper wasp nest under the eaves appearing seemingly overnight.

Paper wasps are our most common wasp removal call outs. While paper wasps have a positive role to play in the environment, when they build their nest near homes or businesses, they need to be removed.

Paper wasps live in small colonies in nests made up of a mixture of mud and wood that either look like flat circular discs or a series of thin vertical strips (depending on the species of wasps).

Wasp Nest
Wasp Nest

If wasps attack

If they feel threatened (which in wasp speak means if they see any human within the near vicinity of their nest), they will repeatedly attack. The problem is they prefer to attack as a gang, so one angry paper wasp can quickly turn into an all-in brawl with most of the colony.

Paper wasps pack a painful sting in their tiny bodies, with people describing the pain as an intense burning. Swelling, tenderness and itchiness follows, which can last from a few minutes to many hours. If you have had multiple stings, you could also feel dizzy, nauseous or faint.

Stings can trigger more severe problems such as problems breathing, rashes or spots and anaphylactic shock in sensitive people.

Treatment for wasp stings includes applying ice to the sites of the stings, painkillers and anti-histamine creams or tablets. Epi-pens are needed for severe reactions.

Wasp Nest Removal
Wasp Nest Removal

Wasp nest removal

If paper wasps nest around your home, you need to have the nests destroyed and the wasps killed, otherwise they will merely rebuild their nests in the same or close location as soon as you have gone.

Given wasps aggressive nature when threatened, you need an expert in wasp removal to minimise the risk when removing the nest. Our team of pest controllers are trained at working at heights, which means tall houses and trees are not a problem.