What should you do if bees move in?


Spring has truly sprung, and the new season of bees have come along with it. While bees are essential to our environment, we don’t necessarily want a swarm taking up residence in our back garden.

In Australia, there are two main types of bees, European and Native. European bees are also known as commercial honeybees as they are used for honey production. They are approximately 12mm long, the traditional black/dark brown and yellow/orange colour.

What if bees move in
What if bees move in

If you find them in your yard, it is quite likely that they have come from large eucalypt trees or a commercial colony and have simply decided to run away from the job. European bees have a nasty habit of setting up new colonies in the walls of homes and businesses, which can cause damage to both property and the occupants of the area.

Native bees, however, are also known as Social Native Bees and are only about 4mm long, black and unable to sting. These bees aren’t a problem and should be welcomed into your garden.

So, what can you do if a colony of bees has taken up residence at your place?

Before you start to consider bumping off the bees, ask yourself:
What kind of bees are they? If they’re native bees, consider leaving them alone. However, if they’re European bees, they are an introduced species and are classed as feral. European bees can legally be removed or exterminated by professionals.
When did the bees show up? Was it within the last 24-48 hours or have they been there for a while? A swarm of bees that have very recently shown up may just be taking a break and resting their wings, while their scouts look for a new location to nest. These swarms usually stay up to 48 hours before moving along.

If you think there is a colony inside your house, start by clearing the area of all pets, children, and people that are allergic to bees.

• Place your ear to the internal wall and listen to see if there is a humming sound. If there is, this is an indication of a hive.
• Check to see if there are any bees inside the house and if so close off any doors to the area.
• Ensure residents wear shoes at all times in the area in case they accidentally stand on a bee.

Finally call your local pest controller, like us, to get the swarm removed. Don’t attempt to treat the bees yourself. Bees can become very aggressive when they feel threatened, and European bees do sting.
Our experienced staff offer a 3-month guarantee on removals. If the bees come back, we come back and fix it for free!