Possum Removal Takes More Than Simply Setting Cages


Possum removal is not as simple as setting a cage trapping the possum and relocating it to a nearby tree. The hardest part is finding where the possums are getting in, and blocking the access so they don’t get back in again. Unless the gap is fixed, all you are doing is buying yourself one night of peace before the possums are back in your roof.

A possum living in a roller door

A possum living in a roller door

We not only use possum traps; we also undertake the right repairs for your property to stop the problem from occurring again. And we back our work with a full 12 month warranty. If we fix it and the possums break through our repairs – we will come back and fix it again for free.

Most construction tradies don’t have any experience with possum removal Brisbane, so they may not fix all the entrances which means that you could be up for additional trap hire fees or they may trap a possum inside where it could die.

Most possum proofing involves holes and gaps that are less than 300 mm wide, but sometimes you may find you need to seal areas larger than half a metre. The gaps are generally found in roofs and walls, but they can also be underneath houses or between floors. Other gaps can be caused from storm damage to tiled roofs, rotten timbers as well as sheeting left off by builders and renovators.

It doesn’t matter the cause of the gap, we can either fix it for you or recommend the best course of action. We happily do minor repairs to roofs, replace damaged timber and seal off gaps with strong galvanised mesh or sheet metal. For larger areas, we will provide you with a quote for the repair work, or we can work with your handyman to fix the problem.

If the work needed to exclude the possums will impact on the visual appeal of your home, we usually evict the possum and fit temporary material to block possum access so that your home is protected until your builder can replace it with material more in keeping with your home aesthetics. Or sometimes we just look at trapping possums after your builder has made the alterations.

Where a possum has chewed to get into a roof

Where a possum has chewed to get into a roof

If you require major works, structural works or alterations affecting the waterproofing of the home, then we will work with your builder or roof plumber to ensure the work is done correctly.

Sometimes on major projects, repairs take more than one day by the time you coordinate the necessary trades. In those situations it pays to have us inspect the building before work commences, to ensure possums or other wildlife doesn’t get trapped and then die inside your building.